How To Find Good Ideas For Booklets And Your Business

Ideas are the beginning of everything you do in your booklet business.  One idea added to another eventually becomes a framework for your entire operation, from the booklets and other products you offer to how you deal with customers.  Ideas, then, are extremely important.  But, how do you find them, and once you do how do you know if you have a truly good idea?

Finding A Booklet Topic To Write About

The moment you discover the opportunity within booklet writing your brain sparks an idea.  Suddenly, you can see yourself as the author of a particular title, or a booklet that deals with a particular subject.  The details may be sketchy, but the idea is strong.  It excites you, and you can hardly wait to embark upon this new adventure.

This is the way it happens for many booklet authors, but what if it doesn’t happen that way for you?  What if you like the idea of writing a booklet, but you just don’t have any idea of what to write about?

This is when you must look within yourself and ask, “What excites me?  What do I care about most?  What makes me happy?  What makes me sad?  What am I most passionate about?  What issues matter to me and why?”  Asking these types of questions will help you find a subject to write about from your heart.  A booklet is more than just words on paper.  It is something from your heart that you are giving to the world to make a difference. If you don’t care about your booklet’s subject matter, nobody else will either.

One Idea Will Spark Many More

One good idea will often lead to another.  For example, when your first booklet begins to sell, you may find that you easily have several new ideas for more, related titles with which you can create a series.  If your first booklet was about how to choose the right puppy for your family, you may find that you suddenly come up with ideas seemingly out of the blue for other titles such as The Care and Feeding Of Your New Puppy, How To Train Your New Puppy, or even Where To Vacation With Your New Puppy.

Often, your ideas won’t be limited to booklets.  While you might expand your titles, you may find that your ideas extend to include other products such as cd’s, dvd’s, mp3’s, and so on.  One idea will create many more as your creative juices get flowing!

Don’t Try To Find Good Ideas

As your ideas continue to flow, you will find they spill over into other areas of your business.  As you create new booklets and other products, you may find that you also create new services to offer.  These can be as simple as how you deliver your booklets to your customers, or as complex as actually performing services yourself.  Each idea you implement should improve your products and your business, creating something that is uniquely from you.

But, where do all these great ideas come from?  The key is not to force them. Just think for a moment about what you want or need, and then go about your day without giving it any more thought.  The idea will come to you in a flash, when you are NOT thinking about it or expecting it.  Sometimes the idea will just pop into your mind, and other times it will be something you see or experience or read that will bring it to you.

Ideas are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered.  You don’t need to sit and think for hours on end to find them.  It’s much easier and more productive to let those ideas find you! And once they do, then you should consider whether you think the idea is good or whether it won’t work for you.

You might have a checklist or some other criteria you use for this process.  But, often, you won’t know whether an idea is good until you try it. If it does turn out that your idea wasn’t a good one, throw it out and start fresh with a new idea.  This applies to every aspect of your business.  Not every idea will be a good one, but you don’t have to continue plodding along with bad implementations from bad ideas.  Just start fresh!

Don’t try to find good ideas.  Let them find you.  When they do, implement them and boldly move forward to the next phase of your booklet adventure!

To Your Riches,


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