The REAL Riches That Come From Writing Booklets

When you first came to this blog and read the title, “Writing For Riches With Booklets,” What did you think of?  What picture did the word “riches” create in your mind?  Did you think of large checks and piles of cash?  Certainly that is what the title implies.  But, true riches are so much more than just monetary gain.

Why It’s Not Just About A Pile Of Cash

I have often said that the only reason for embarking upon your own booklet adventure is to make money. And this is true – unless you are looking for a hobby.  But, since you’re reading a blog about writing for riches I will assume that is what you want to do – make money.

Once you are making money with your booklets, however, you will see that the money is only part of the riches you will acquire from your efforts.  Money in and of itself really doesn’t mean very much.  The true riches are found in what the money can DO for you.

But What If…..

If you’re working a regular day job and you’re happy with what you’re doing and what you’re earning, you are in a very small minority group.  Most people hate going to work every day, and they barely scrape by on what they earn.  It just doesn’t seem fair to have to work so hard at something you don’t enjoy, only to earn a tiny amount of money that doesn’t begin to cover all the bills and necessities, and leaves you with nothing at the end of the month.

Assuming you are in the majority, going to a job everyday that isn’t fulfilling, feeling like you’re going nowhere, and never having enough money to pay everything you need to, what if you could have something better? What if you could make enough money to live on very comfortably doing something you enjoy?  And what if that gave you the upper hand on your own destiny?  And what if, in the process of your moving forward and going somewhere, you were able to help others along the way?

What Writing Booklets Is Really All About

This is what writing booklets is really all about.  It is first and foremost about making money, but not simply for the sake of making money.  It’s about making money so you can have peace of mind and freedom – the peace of mind of knowing your bills are paid and the necessities are covered and there is plenty left over, and the freedom to spend your time doing what you enjoy.

A couple of days ago I ran into an acquaintance of mine at a local starbucks.  Since it was later in the day she assumed I was just getting off work and heading home.  I laughed and replied, “No.  I’m not heading home from work.  I’m heading home from playing.  I get to play every day!”  She said that I was very lucky, and I could tell she had no idea how I could achieve this non-working status.

How did I achieve it?  It’s simple.  I love what I do.  For me it isn’t work.  I’ve loved to write since I was a child, and writing booklets is a natural way for me to use that gift.  Interestingly, this lady is also a self published writer, not of booklets but of children’s books.  Yet, as much as she puts her heart into her work, she hasn’t figured out what I have – how to reap riches from your writing in both monetary and non-monetary ways and live a life of freedom.

Booklets can do for you what they did for me.  They can bring you riches – not just in the form of money but in the form of peace of mind and freedom.  And those are the best riches of all!

To YOUR riches!


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