What Will You Write That Will Change The World?

What do you think about most?  What do you enjoy doing?  What makes you happy?  What makes you angry?  Whatever your answers are, these are the things you are passionate about.  How fortunate that you like to write, because writing gives you a way to share your passion with the world.

Your Writing Is A Gift

Everyone is passionate about something.  It may be something quite pleasant and good, or it may be something that angers you.  Either way, through your writing you have the opportunity to give voice to your passion and make a difference in the world.

This is truly a gift.  The majority of people in the world will never have this opportunity.  They’re not writers or speakers.  They have passion, but no way of voicing it.  Instead, they stifle that voice as they shuffle off to their job each morning.  They may share their passion within their circle of co-workers, friends and family, but they will never be able to reach beyond that circle to the outside world because they don’t have the gift that you do.

How Will You Use It?

You have a choice as to how to use the gift you have.  You also have the choice of never using it at all.  But, for those who have the gift, writing is a passion and must be pursued.  It’s as essential as breathing.  Not writing is NOT an option, and the thought of never using your gift of writing is so unbearable that you can’t even think such a thought.

You must write.  And since you must write, you must choose how to use this gift. Will you use it to bring a new perspective to something?  Will you shed new light on a topic?  Will you make people aware of something?  Or, will you use it to enhance the lives of others, making life easier or more enjoyable?

What If…..

When I chose to write my Simple Tips And Recipes series, I chose to make life a little easier for a specific group of people – those dealing with gluten and dairy intolerances and allergies in themselves or a family member.  I had first hand experience with this, and I chose to use my knowledge to create a series of booklets that would help others who were beginning a gluten and/or dairy free lifestyle.  But, what if I hadn’t done this?  What if I had passed up this opportunity?

Those within my market would surely have found the information they needed from other sources – a variety of them in fact.  They would have consulted their doctor, read books and magazine articles, scoured the internet, and perhaps taken a class or talked with others who have experience being on this type of diet.  The information was out there, but it was scattered. It took time to research it all.

I used my gift to condense the information available to what mattered most for someone just starting out on this type of diet.  I put that information into a booklet which made it a simple, fast read – no guess work involved – and I put that booklet on the market.  To my delight the booklet sold well and I received many comments.  People loved that my booklet offered just the information they needed without having to wade through tons of information in books or online, and they loved that it was easy to send to school or to grandma’s house with their children.

Once my booklet began to sell, I saw new opportunities and new markets for it.  I also saw the opportunity to create a series of booklets.

What about you?  What will you write that will change the world?  How will you use your gift?  What would happen if you didn’t use it?  But, more importantly, what might happen if you do?

To your riches!


PS: Are you ready to use your gift?  Would you like to know exactly what to do and how to do it?  Click here!

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