Quick Tip: Why Prospects Say No And How to Get Them To Say Yes

Here is the typical scenario of a booklet author trying to sell their booklet to a quantity buyer.  They tell the prospect the title of their booklet and, IF they still have the prospect’s attention, a little about the content.  The prospect says no thank you, and that is the end of the conversation.

This scenario is the one authors fear most, yet it is the one that happens most often.  Why?  Because the author didn’t bother to find out what the prospect’s needs were before that conversation took place.

Usually when a prospect says no, it’s because they don’t have enough information to make a good decision. They are afraid of making a wrong decision, so they say no because it’s better to pass on your offer than it is to accept and later discover that your booklet or your offer doesn’t suit their needs.

When trying to sell their booklets, most authors think of themselves first.  Their mind is on selling alot of booklets and making alot of money.  But, in order for a sale to happen the buyer needs to feel like they are getting something of value that they need or want – something that will benefit them.  A sale must be a win for both sides or it won’t happen.  Therefore, it’s important for you to focus on the prospect’s needs first rather than your own.

To your riches!


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