How To Make Sure Your Booklet Adventure Is Successful

Once you’ve decided to embark upon your own booklet adventure, there is only one way you can be successful –  be willing to make changes as necessary.

Living In The Now

We all know people who talk about their dreams and goals, but how many people do you know who actually go out and achieve them?  It’s always easier to wish than it is to do.

Most people will never get beyond the dreaming stage.  It’s fun to dream, but making a dream come true takes dedication. Most people are dedicated to their jobs over their dreams because those jobs currently pay the bills.  You think about the future and dream of how it might be better, but you live in the now.  And now there are bills to pay and groceries and gas to buy.  There is the mortgage payment or rent that is due.  And so, your dreams remain only dreams as you do your best in the moment to keep the lights on and food on the table.  There just isn’t time for anything else.  Or is there?

One Little Change Makes The Difference

After a hard day’s work, most people will come home, eat dinner, and then relax in front of the tv or computer for the rest of the evening.  They feel justified.  After all, you deserve a little down time for yourself after giving most of your energy to someone else for the day. It’s only fair.  You served your boss and employer, and now it’s time for you to do what YOU want to do rather than what someone else wants you to do.

But, what if one little change to your routine could give you the future you desire? Would you be willing to make that change?  Most would say yes, but they wouldn’t actually make the change.  And if they did, it wouldn’t be for long.  What is that change?  Do something else instead of sitting in front of the tv or surfing the net or answering email or looking at facebook all night.  Do something that will help you achieve your dream and change your future.

The Path To Success

You see, it isn’t that you don’t have the time to write that booklet.  It’s that you’re not making the time to do it.  You can dream about it forever, but dreaming about it isn’t going to get your manuscript written.

Someone once said that if you want to have something different, you need to DO something different.  Otherwise you’ll always have the same old thing.

Think of a time when you really wanted to accomplish something.  Your desire to do it drove you to act.  You didn’t let anything stand in your way.  You did what needed to be done in order to accomplish your goal.  Writing a booklet works the same way.

Once you’ve decided that you want to write a booklet, you need to take action. And once you set foot on the path that will become your booklet adventure, you need to continue to take action and make changes as necessary.  You don’t want to continue doing what you’ve always done, or you’ll have what you’ve always had, just like the person who goes to work every day and returns home to watch TV for the rest of the evening.  Their situation won’t change until they do something to make it change.

There’s always room for improvement – improvement in your product(s), your company, your finances, your customer service – and ultimately, your life.  Make the decision to be successful, and then make the changes necessary to achieve that success!

To your riches,


PS: Did you make that decision and now you don’t know where to start?  Click here!

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2 responses to “How To Make Sure Your Booklet Adventure Is Successful

  1. How timely, in that I am gathering myself together and redoubling my efforts to focus on the things that need to be done in order to move forward. This is probably THE most important blog post you’ve done. Even small changes- kept consistently over time, will yield immense results.
    And you’ve hit on the two biggest time-wasters there are.

    • Thank you, Larry. It’s nice to know I’ve hit the mark. And you’re right about those small changes. The difference between where I am now and where I used to be comes down to one small defining moment – one decision. That one decision created a change in how I used my time over the next two weeks, and thus I embarked upon my own booklet adventure.

      As always, I wish you nothing but the best from your efforts. I know I will be hearing great things from you because you are someone who does, rather than someone who only wishes.

      All the best,


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