Why There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Information In The Marketplace

Do you have an idea for a booklet you would like to write but you’re afraid everything about your topic has already been said or written?  No matter how much information is already available on your topic, there’s always room for more!

Proof There Is Room For Your Booklet

There may be volumes of books created about your topic, but most people will never read them. The sad truth is, most people never get beyond the first chapter of a book.  Either the book loses their interest or they put it aside to do other things and never pick it up again.

Are you thinking the internet is better?  It’s a great way to look up information, but the problem is there is so much. It’s difficult to narrow the information down into what’s usable, and it can be difficult to know whether the source is credible.  In short, it’s a bit daunting to google a subject and have half a million or more pages come up, and it’s time consuming to sift through them to find what you need.

But, one thing is clear.  With the amount of information available in books and online on any given subject, it proves that there is room for your booklet!  After all, if everyone else who decided to write about the same topic was able to get their information on the market, so can you!

What A Booklet Does For Your Audience

One advantage to writing a booklet is that it is a small slice of the whole – a narrow view.  Books generally cover many areas of a topic.  Each area will usually consist of one chapter.

Your booklet is like one chapter of a book. It will cover one small area of your topic.  It may cover different aspects, but it won’t cover every aspect.  Your booklet might concentrate on just one aspect and go deep, or it might give an overview of different aspects or concepts having to do with your subject.  But, your booklet won’t be able to cover as much information as a full length book, nor should it attempt to do so.  If it did, it would be a book and you would lose the advantage you have with a booklet.

Think of a book as a dense forest of information, and a booklet as a path through that forest.  When presented with the whole forest, it can be difficult to find your way.  But, given a path, you are quickly and easily able to proceed.  This is what a booklet does for your audience.

There’s Always Another Angle

No matter how much information is already available on your subject, there’s always another angle you can cover. The amount of diet books available today is proof of this.

There are diet books for every possible situation and eating pattern you can think of – diet books for weight loss, diet books for health, diet books for feeding small children, diet books for women, diet books for men, diet books for pets, diet books for eating according to one’s faith, diet books for diabetics and other illnesses, diet books that focus on one particular food such as the rice diet, diet books for eating fast food, diet books for eating raw foods, diet books for eating vegan or vegetarian, diet books for eating on the cheap and on and on.

You would think that every angle that has anything to do with food or eating a particular way has been covered, and yet, new books on the subject of diet make their way to bookstore shelves every year – each claiming to be some new found discovery or somehow make life easier or healthier.

If there is room in the marketplace for more diet books, there is room for your booklet – even if many books have already been written about your subject.

My own booklets are diet related.  They are for individuals who need a gluten and/or dairy free diet.  There is already quite alot written on the subject, and there is plenty of information available online.  So, why do my booklets continue to sell?  Because I have taken the information, put a new spin on it, and offered something the books and websites don’t. I have offered the information in a quick to use format, which in and of itself is something special, and I have made that information easy to give to others.  Your booklet will have these same qualities as well.

If your idea excites you to the point you can hardly wait to begin writing your manuscript, if it keeps you awake at night, if it’s all you can think about during the day, then that is the idea you MUST use.  You are passionate about it, and that passion will help your booklet sell more than anything else.

Don’t worry about what everyone else has already written.  Your experience is unique, and so is your point of view.  Once you get going you’ll find that you will think of things that other authors missed, and your booklet will be a new perspective on an old subject.  And what’s NEW is what sells!

To your riches!


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