Quick Tip: The Easy Way To Advertise Your Next Booklet To A Hot Market For Free

When you’re creating your first manuscript, you should already have your second one in mind.  This way, you can let readers know somewhere in your manuscript that for more information they can refer to your next booklet.

If your first booklet is already created and you later decide to add another booklet to your product offering, you can add the second booklet’s title to the back page or back cover of your first booklet.

Adding your second booklet’s title to a page inside your first booklet is a way to get advertising for your second title for free.  You make money on the sale of your first booklet, and you don’t have to pay anything to add your second title inside.

This is also a great way to reach a market that is hot for your next booklet.  Your first title interested them enough to get them to buy, and if they like that one chances are they will be interested in buying your next title as well.  Having that next title right in front of them when they finish the first title will grab them at the very moment they are wishing for more information.

To your riches!


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