How To Make Your Audience Smile When They Give You Their Money

This morning, while checking out an interesting website, I noticed immediately one of the navigation tabs across the top.  It was the tab to click on to see what the company had to offer prospective clients.  But, this tab wasn’t labeled products or services.  Instead, it was ingeniously labeled “solutions.”

The Only Thing Your Audience Cares About

Nobody is going to buy your booklet simply because you took the time and effort to create it.  People don’t care how long you spent writing your manuscript or how much you spent on production. They won’t be concerned with these things at all, and even if they did come to mind, as far as your audience is concerned, those are your problems.  They have enough of their own.

When presented with the opportunity to purchase your booklet, the only thing anyone will care about is what solution your booklet offers them for whatever problem they are currently facing. This is true for both the individual buyer and the quantity buyer.  Each has a different problem and a different set of needs, but if your booklet doesn’t address those needs and problems with a solution, neither the individual nor the quantity buyer will be interested.

Why Entertainment Value Is A Hard Sell

You may have heard that people only buy because of what’s in it for them.  This is true.  There MUST be some value in any product or service for anyone to get out their wallet and spend their hard earned cash.

Sometimes that value comes in the form of entertainment.  Other times it comes in the form of a service which saves time, money or both.  And sometimes, it comes in the form of a solution to a problem.

Few booklets can claim entertainment value.  They’re not big enough to contain a novel, but they could whet the reader’s appetite for more. An entertainment type of booklet might contain jokes around a particular theme, or famous quotes, but it’s difficult to create a booklet with enough true entertainment value that it will do well in the market place.  That’s not to say it can’t be done, only that it’s very difficult to do so.  People don’t buy entertainment in the form of a booklet as readily as they will buy movie tickets or some other form of entertainment they can experience.  It just doesn’t compare.

The Solution That Gets Them To Buy

Since booklets can’t perform a service, that leaves us with the redeeming value of a solution.  This is why most people buy booklets – because they provide a solution to a problem.

When you write your booklet, you are not writing it for yourself.  After all, you’re already the expert in your chosen subject.  You’re the one with the information, the facts, the solution to the problem or question in the minds of your audience.  You have the information.  You don’t need a booklet to inform you.  But, your audience does.

Your audience is looking for a solution to a problem.  When they find your booklet and see that it gives them the answer they have been looking for, they’ll gladly get out their wallet.

Writing a booklet isn’t just something you do for your own enjoyment or riches.  It’s something you do to help people – people who have a problem and are looking for a solution.  Solve their problem in your booklet and your audience will smile when they give you their money!

To your riches!


PS: Not sure if your booklet idea will sell?  Do you need more information before you write your manuscript?  For step-by-step help, click here!

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