Quick Tip: How To Get A Second Stream Of Income From The Same Booklet

All the big guys do it – from Google to the most recent addition: Twitter.  Of course, they do it online, but you can copy their lead online or off.  I’m talking about advertising and the BIG money it brings in.

This isn’t the kind of advertising you pay for.  It’s the kind where others pay you.  And, they’ll pay handsomely to reach your audience.

If you’ve ever picked up a magazine and looked through it, you’ve seen countless ads.  And, in days gone by, people depended upon the newspaper’s classified ads to find things they needed or wanted to sell.  You can do the same thing with your booklet.

Think of your booklet like a magazine, where you can sell advertising space to interested parties.  Now, you’ve got another steam of income from the same booklet.  You’re making money on the booklet’s sales, and on the ads placed inside.

To your riches!


PS: Are you ready to write your booklet?  Would you like to know exactly how to go about it – from choosing a topic to finding vendors and everything in between?  Click here!

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