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How To Use Your Mistakes To Take Your Booklet Business To The Next Level

Have you ever wondered why the big guys in any field made it to the top, while plenty of other people who were just as qualified didn’t make it?  The big guys did two things that the others didn’t.  They stayed focused, and they didn’t let their mistakes get in their way.

Mistakes Happen To Everyone

Everyone makes mistakes.  It’s part of being human.  But, when you focus on your mistakes too much it keeps you from moving forward.

Some people are so afraid of making a mistake that they never even try to realize their dreams.  They’re worried they will mess things up or that they’ll make a mistake and someone will become angry with them.  But, these things happen in life anyway, even when you’re not trying to make your dream a reality.

When you work for someone else, if you make a mistake, you might have to deal with an angry boss.  Or, if you make a mistake at home, you might have to deal with an angry spouse or children.  Sometimes a mistake is as simple as purchasing the wrong gift for someone.  You thought they would like it, but it really wasn’t for them.  And then you have to deal with their dissappointment.

You’re going to make mistakes.  It’s just a question of when, and where and how.

Make Mistakes And Rise To The Top

Since you’re going to make mistakes in life anyway, why not make some of those mistakes while you’re trying to achieve your dream of becoming an author?  Nobody knows what they’re doing when they start. Not really.  You can have a pretty good idea of what to do and where you want to be a year from now, but your booklet adventure will be full of twists and turns that you can’t predict when you’re starting out.  Some great things will happen along the way, but you’ll also make a few mistakes.

The key is to not allow those mistakes to get in the way of your progress. You want to use your mistakes to help you get to the next level.  That means you learn from them, fix the problem as best you can, and move forward.  That’s what the big guys do, and that’s what you need to do too if you want to rise to the top.

Focus On Your Business As A Whole

Not allowing mistakes to hinder your progress means not focusing on your mistakes.  Your mistakes are simply a part of your learning process, and no matter how far down the road into your booklet adventure you go, you will always make a mistake here or there – even after being in business for many years. You won’t make as many mistakes as when you first started out because you will have learned from those mistakes.  But, there will always be new mistakes that crop up from time to time.

The big guys in the world of business don’t focus on their mistakes. They make them and move on, gleaning what educational nuggets they can from them.  But, they focus on where they want to go next, or where they want to be in a year, or what their next move will be.  They focus on their business as a whole. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to make it to the top.

Now you have a choice to make.  You can move forward and make progress, or you can allow your own mistakes or fear of them to stand in your way.  Since you’re going to make mistakes anyway just by living your life, why not make a few of those mistakes while achieving your wildest dreams?

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Try To Create Sales

Do you know what the single most important thing in your booklet business is?  It might surprise you.  It’s not your titles or how good your information is.  It’s not how many booklets or other products you have to offer.  In fact, the most important thing in your booklet business has little to do with your booklets.  The most important thing to your business is the relationship you have with your customers.

From the moment someone shows interest in one of your titles, you begin to build a relationship with them.  That relationship is forged in a variety of ways – in every contact you make with them – from your booklet and printed material to personal correspondence you may have with them.

Some would say that your customers are your most important business asset.  This is only partially true. It’s your relationship with those customers that gets them to buy and creates your riches.  It’s your relationship with them that cements the deal and devotes them to you as a business person and as an author.

Don’t try to create sales.  Instead, create relationship, and the sales will follow!

To your riches!


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How To Make Sure Your Booklet Adventure Is Successful

Once you’ve decided to embark upon your own booklet adventure, there is only one way you can be successful –  be willing to make changes as necessary.

Living In The Now

We all know people who talk about their dreams and goals, but how many people do you know who actually go out and achieve them?  It’s always easier to wish than it is to do.

Most people will never get beyond the dreaming stage.  It’s fun to dream, but making a dream come true takes dedication. Most people are dedicated to their jobs over their dreams because those jobs currently pay the bills.  You think about the future and dream of how it might be better, but you live in the now.  And now there are bills to pay and groceries and gas to buy.  There is the mortgage payment or rent that is due.  And so, your dreams remain only dreams as you do your best in the moment to keep the lights on and food on the table.  There just isn’t time for anything else.  Or is there?

One Little Change Makes The Difference

After a hard day’s work, most people will come home, eat dinner, and then relax in front of the tv or computer for the rest of the evening.  They feel justified.  After all, you deserve a little down time for yourself after giving most of your energy to someone else for the day. It’s only fair.  You served your boss and employer, and now it’s time for you to do what YOU want to do rather than what someone else wants you to do.

But, what if one little change to your routine could give you the future you desire? Would you be willing to make that change?  Most would say yes, but they wouldn’t actually make the change.  And if they did, it wouldn’t be for long.  What is that change?  Do something else instead of sitting in front of the tv or surfing the net or answering email or looking at facebook all night.  Do something that will help you achieve your dream and change your future.

The Path To Success

You see, it isn’t that you don’t have the time to write that booklet.  It’s that you’re not making the time to do it.  You can dream about it forever, but dreaming about it isn’t going to get your manuscript written.

Someone once said that if you want to have something different, you need to DO something different.  Otherwise you’ll always have the same old thing.

Think of a time when you really wanted to accomplish something.  Your desire to do it drove you to act.  You didn’t let anything stand in your way.  You did what needed to be done in order to accomplish your goal.  Writing a booklet works the same way.

Once you’ve decided that you want to write a booklet, you need to take action. And once you set foot on the path that will become your booklet adventure, you need to continue to take action and make changes as necessary.  You don’t want to continue doing what you’ve always done, or you’ll have what you’ve always had, just like the person who goes to work every day and returns home to watch TV for the rest of the evening.  Their situation won’t change until they do something to make it change.

There’s always room for improvement – improvement in your product(s), your company, your finances, your customer service – and ultimately, your life.  Make the decision to be successful, and then make the changes necessary to achieve that success!

To your riches,


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Why There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Information In The Marketplace

Do you have an idea for a booklet you would like to write but you’re afraid everything about your topic has already been said or written?  No matter how much information is already available on your topic, there’s always room for more!

Proof There Is Room For Your Booklet

There may be volumes of books created about your topic, but most people will never read them. The sad truth is, most people never get beyond the first chapter of a book.  Either the book loses their interest or they put it aside to do other things and never pick it up again.

Are you thinking the internet is better?  It’s a great way to look up information, but the problem is there is so much. It’s difficult to narrow the information down into what’s usable, and it can be difficult to know whether the source is credible.  In short, it’s a bit daunting to google a subject and have half a million or more pages come up, and it’s time consuming to sift through them to find what you need.

But, one thing is clear.  With the amount of information available in books and online on any given subject, it proves that there is room for your booklet!  After all, if everyone else who decided to write about the same topic was able to get their information on the market, so can you!

What A Booklet Does For Your Audience

One advantage to writing a booklet is that it is a small slice of the whole – a narrow view.  Books generally cover many areas of a topic.  Each area will usually consist of one chapter.

Your booklet is like one chapter of a book. It will cover one small area of your topic.  It may cover different aspects, but it won’t cover every aspect.  Your booklet might concentrate on just one aspect and go deep, or it might give an overview of different aspects or concepts having to do with your subject.  But, your booklet won’t be able to cover as much information as a full length book, nor should it attempt to do so.  If it did, it would be a book and you would lose the advantage you have with a booklet.

Think of a book as a dense forest of information, and a booklet as a path through that forest.  When presented with the whole forest, it can be difficult to find your way.  But, given a path, you are quickly and easily able to proceed.  This is what a booklet does for your audience.

There’s Always Another Angle

No matter how much information is already available on your subject, there’s always another angle you can cover. The amount of diet books available today is proof of this.

There are diet books for every possible situation and eating pattern you can think of – diet books for weight loss, diet books for health, diet books for feeding small children, diet books for women, diet books for men, diet books for pets, diet books for eating according to one’s faith, diet books for diabetics and other illnesses, diet books that focus on one particular food such as the rice diet, diet books for eating fast food, diet books for eating raw foods, diet books for eating vegan or vegetarian, diet books for eating on the cheap and on and on.

You would think that every angle that has anything to do with food or eating a particular way has been covered, and yet, new books on the subject of diet make their way to bookstore shelves every year – each claiming to be some new found discovery or somehow make life easier or healthier.

If there is room in the marketplace for more diet books, there is room for your booklet – even if many books have already been written about your subject.

My own booklets are diet related.  They are for individuals who need a gluten and/or dairy free diet.  There is already quite alot written on the subject, and there is plenty of information available online.  So, why do my booklets continue to sell?  Because I have taken the information, put a new spin on it, and offered something the books and websites don’t. I have offered the information in a quick to use format, which in and of itself is something special, and I have made that information easy to give to others.  Your booklet will have these same qualities as well.

If your idea excites you to the point you can hardly wait to begin writing your manuscript, if it keeps you awake at night, if it’s all you can think about during the day, then that is the idea you MUST use.  You are passionate about it, and that passion will help your booklet sell more than anything else.

Don’t worry about what everyone else has already written.  Your experience is unique, and so is your point of view.  Once you get going you’ll find that you will think of things that other authors missed, and your booklet will be a new perspective on an old subject.  And what’s NEW is what sells!

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: The Easy Way To Advertise Your Next Booklet To A Hot Market For Free

When you’re creating your first manuscript, you should already have your second one in mind.  This way, you can let readers know somewhere in your manuscript that for more information they can refer to your next booklet.

If your first booklet is already created and you later decide to add another booklet to your product offering, you can add the second booklet’s title to the back page or back cover of your first booklet.

Adding your second booklet’s title to a page inside your first booklet is a way to get advertising for your second title for free.  You make money on the sale of your first booklet, and you don’t have to pay anything to add your second title inside.

This is also a great way to reach a market that is hot for your next booklet.  Your first title interested them enough to get them to buy, and if they like that one chances are they will be interested in buying your next title as well.  Having that next title right in front of them when they finish the first title will grab them at the very moment they are wishing for more information.

To your riches!


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How To Make Your Audience Smile When They Give You Their Money

This morning, while checking out an interesting website, I noticed immediately one of the navigation tabs across the top.  It was the tab to click on to see what the company had to offer prospective clients.  But, this tab wasn’t labeled products or services.  Instead, it was ingeniously labeled “solutions.”

The Only Thing Your Audience Cares About

Nobody is going to buy your booklet simply because you took the time and effort to create it.  People don’t care how long you spent writing your manuscript or how much you spent on production. They won’t be concerned with these things at all, and even if they did come to mind, as far as your audience is concerned, those are your problems.  They have enough of their own.

When presented with the opportunity to purchase your booklet, the only thing anyone will care about is what solution your booklet offers them for whatever problem they are currently facing. This is true for both the individual buyer and the quantity buyer.  Each has a different problem and a different set of needs, but if your booklet doesn’t address those needs and problems with a solution, neither the individual nor the quantity buyer will be interested.

Why Entertainment Value Is A Hard Sell

You may have heard that people only buy because of what’s in it for them.  This is true.  There MUST be some value in any product or service for anyone to get out their wallet and spend their hard earned cash.

Sometimes that value comes in the form of entertainment.  Other times it comes in the form of a service which saves time, money or both.  And sometimes, it comes in the form of a solution to a problem.

Few booklets can claim entertainment value.  They’re not big enough to contain a novel, but they could whet the reader’s appetite for more. An entertainment type of booklet might contain jokes around a particular theme, or famous quotes, but it’s difficult to create a booklet with enough true entertainment value that it will do well in the market place.  That’s not to say it can’t be done, only that it’s very difficult to do so.  People don’t buy entertainment in the form of a booklet as readily as they will buy movie tickets or some other form of entertainment they can experience.  It just doesn’t compare.

The Solution That Gets Them To Buy

Since booklets can’t perform a service, that leaves us with the redeeming value of a solution.  This is why most people buy booklets – because they provide a solution to a problem.

When you write your booklet, you are not writing it for yourself.  After all, you’re already the expert in your chosen subject.  You’re the one with the information, the facts, the solution to the problem or question in the minds of your audience.  You have the information.  You don’t need a booklet to inform you.  But, your audience does.

Your audience is looking for a solution to a problem.  When they find your booklet and see that it gives them the answer they have been looking for, they’ll gladly get out their wallet.

Writing a booklet isn’t just something you do for your own enjoyment or riches.  It’s something you do to help people – people who have a problem and are looking for a solution.  Solve their problem in your booklet and your audience will smile when they give you their money!

To your riches!


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How To Increase Your Profits Without Raising Prices

When most authors think of profit, they think of the money coming in.  But, profit isn’t tied only to income.  It’s also tied to how much you spend vs. how much you keep.

Why Self Publishing A Book May Not Be Profitable For You

If you were to self publish a book and print hard copies up front, you would need somewhere in the neighborhood of about $5,000 to turn your manuscript into a salable product.  This is a loose figure, and there are many variables that would factor into the final price, such as your editing costs, the cost of paper and ink at the time of printing, shipping costs, and other fees tacked on by the printer for various services.  If your book will have a hard cover rather than a soft cover, you can also expect to pay a higher price.

On top of the actual costs to create printed hard copies, you will also have storage costs (unless you have a heated garage ready and waiting for those pallets of books to arrive).

These are just some of the costs associated with self publishing a book, and as you can see it’s a costly endeavor.  Your expenses will take a huge chunk out of your potential profits long before a single copy is ever sold.

And, you can’t be certain your book will sell.  The average author who self publishes never sells more than 500 books, and many sell far fewer.  Most printers require you to print a minimum of 3,000 copies.  That means you’ve got 2,500 copies left over, sitting in your garage or storage.  This is the sad truth for the majority of self published authors.

How A Booklet Will Make You Richer, Faster

Booklets are a great way to cut costs on many levels.  First, they’re much smaller than a full length book.  A book usually contains more than 100 pages, while a booklet will contain far less.  This means less paper and ink are used, and your printing costs are cut to a mere fraction of what it would cost you to print a full length book.

Another plus for booklets is that since they are so much smaller than books, they are packed and shipped in boxes rather than on pallets. This saves you money on shipping.  It also means you can store your booklets in a closet at home rather than needing to clean out your garage or rent storage space.  You see, every month you’re paying rent to store books is another month that a little more of your profit is eaten away.

Also, With booklets, you won’t be required to print so many copies up front. This saves you money and gives you a chance to see how well your booklet will do in the market place before you print more copies.

All costs associated with booklets – from editing to printing and shipping – will be far less than what you would pay for a full length book.  By saving money up front, you won’t have to sell as many to break even, and therefore you can make a profit much sooner than you would with a full length book.  And, if your booklet does well, you can always write the full length book later and sell it to a ready and waiting market – the same market which purchased your booklet.

How To Keep Even MORE Money In Your Pocket

Once you make the decision to write a booklet, you are in business – the booklet publishing business.  And while you can start that business on a shoe string, you must ruthlessly monitor your costs in every area in order to keep costs down and profits up.  Every penny that goes out needlessly is a penny you could have kept in your pocket.

This means not only monitoring your obvious costs, such as printing, but also keeping track of other expenses you might not have thought of such as office supplies, postage, and telephone bills.  These costs can and do add up.  They will take away from your bottom line, so you must endeavor to keep them as low as you possibly can.

The creation of booklets is the major portion of your costs, but little costs can sneak up on you and eat away your profits if you don’t keep them in check.  Count every penny and make certain that you aren’t paying more for anything than you need to, and that everything you purchase is truly necessary for the business.

The more profit you have at the end of each month, the more money you have for yourself to live the way you want to!

To your riches!


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