Quick Tip: Don’t Waste Your Time On People Who Don’t Get It

No matter how hard you try to explain the value of your booklet to people, some of them just won’t get it. They might be someone who could really benefit from your information personally, or they might be a potential quantity buyer whose customers would benefit – thereby benefiting the company as well.

In either of these cases, when you’ve done your best to present your booklet to them and they don’t get it, don’t waste another moment with them. It’s best to let it go and move on to bigger and better prospects.

Trying to convince someone to buy who isn’t genuinely interested is a waste of your precious time – time you could be using to present your booklet to a prospect who is interested.  The interested prospects are the ones who become customers and bring you the riches!

To your riches,


PS: Before you can look for prospects, you need something to offer them.  Are you ready to write your booklet?  Need help?  Click here!

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