The Shocking Truth About The Only Thing Holding You Back In Your Booklet Adventure

You might have a number of reasons as to why you aren’t progressing right along in your booklet adventure, but the shocking truth about what’s really holding you back is that the only thing that’s holding you back….is you!

The Number One Reason You Aren’t Moving Forward Is…..

fear.  You don’t know what lies ahead, and that can be scary.  What if you create your booklet and nobody buys it?  What if nobody believes in you?  What if you fail?

On the other side, what if people do believe in you, and they buy your booklet and you succeed?  That can be a frightening thought as well, because now you carry a certain amount of responsibility and accountability.

Success feels great and alleviates the fear, but you won’t find that out until you get there.  Sometimes you just have to take a giant leap forward, move past the fear, and go for it. Once you do you’ll see there was nothing to fear and you’ll wonder why you didn’t take that leap sooner!

A Problem Easily Solved

Another reason you might be reluctant to move forward in your booklet adventure is a lack of  knowledge. Maybe you don’t know how to write and produce a booklet.  Or, maybe you don’t know how to get to the next step in your business.  Maybe you’re not even sure what the next step is.

This problem is easily solved with education. You can educate yourself where you’re lacking knowledge so that you can move forward.  There are many ways to do this – through books, the internet, personal coaching, and this blog to name a few.

It may seem easier to stay where you are than it is to learn and grow in knowledge so you can expand your business, but is that really what you want?  Of course it isn’t.

Be willing to to learn what you need to, and you’ll be able to sail right along to the riches!

Overwhelmed?  Relax!

Some would-be booklet authors seem to feel that they need to build an empire all at once, overnight.  They envision this enormous business filled with products going out to thousands or millions of customers.  Just the thought of this can be overwhelming.  After all, how do you go from nothing to an empire of that magnitude in a flash?

The answer is, you don’t – unless you buy an empire that is already built and then you’d better be prepared to run it properly.

The simple fact is, it takes time to build a large, thriving business and that isn’t for everyone.  You might be happy with a small scale business selling a handful of items to few regular customers.  That’s fine.  That’s the beauty of being in business for yourself. It’s YOUR business and you can build it and run it any way you want to.

Of course, you can build an empire, but it won’t happen overnight.  This, however, is a good thing.  You need time to adapt to the growth of your business as it expands. If it expands too quickly, you won’t be ready to handle it.

So breathe, relax and take it one step at a time. That’s the best way to build an empire!

YOU are in control of whether you move forward or not.  Stop holding yourself back.  Move forward in spite of the fear.  Learn what you need to know.  Take it one step at a time.  Success and riches are there for you.  You just need to decide you want them enough to reach out and grab them!

PS: If you lack knowledge about how to write and produce a booklet you can solve that right now by clicking here!

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