10 Ways To Be Someone Your Audience Knows, Likes And Trusts

In the beginning of your booklet adventure, you ARE the business.  That means you need to be someone that your audience knows, likes and trusts so they will feel comfortable buying from you.  Here are 10 ways to get your audience to do just that!

1) Be honest in all you do.

2) Do what you say you will do.

3) Follow up with people.

4) Be Quick To Take Action.  Don’t just do what you say you will do, do it fast!  Speed impresses people!

5) Be genuine.  People can recognize a phony, and are looking for the real deal.

6) Be visible and accessible.  Otherwise people will think you’ve got something to hide.

7) Always offer your best in everything, from your writing to your customer service and shipping.

8) Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when there is a problem.  How would you feel?  Do the right thing.

9) LOVE your audience – take care of them, be good to them, appreciate them, care and they will do the same for you!

10) Communicate with your audience regularly.  This fosters a sense of relationship with you.

To your riches,


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