Will You Grab This Opportunity Or Let It Pass You By?

One of my favorite movie quotes comes from Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings:  “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

The time that is given to us is right now.  Now is all you have.  There’s an old saying that goes something like, “Yesterday is past, tomorrow hasn’t come.  Today is all we have.” And really, you don’t even know if you have ALL of today.  The only time you can claim is right now.

Opportunities Are Fleeting – Grab Them Now

Every moment presents opportunities – the opportunity to call and connect with loved ones, the opportunity to speak a kind and encouraging word to someone, the opportunity to say no to that doughnut that seems to be calling your name, or the opportunity to work on your booklet or some aspect of your business.

These opportunities may seem like something you can take advantage at any time you’re ready, but you can never be sure what the next moment will present you with.

Loved ones, sad as it is, can die (and they will at some point), and an opportunity to connect that is put off  until tomorrow could be lost forever.

That doughnut you didn’t say no to is already eaten.  The damage is already done.  That chance won’t come again.

And every moment you put off writing your booklet or doing what needs to be done in your business is another moment that you will have to wait for the riches that would have come as a result of that action – that is assuming you will get another chance to take advantage of the opportunity presented to you in any given moment.

A Great Idea That Died

A few years ago, not long after my first two booklets were completed and on the market, a woman came to me with a great idea for a booklet.  She was excited about getting her information out to those who needed it, and she retained my consulting services to help her.  She had a very sound and salable topic and I knew it would do very well in the market place.

It wasn’t long before this woman began to find excuses for why she could not complete her booklet.  She didn’t have enough money for production.  She had to move.  She was too busy, and on and on.  A year went by and her booklet had not been started.  And then, her time ran out.

This woman was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and a short time later she was gone – her booklet and her legacy still unwritten.  How sad it is that she never wrote that booklet, because there were so many people who would have benefited by it.  When she died, so did her wonderful idea for a booklet – a booklet that only she could have written because of her unique perspective and experience.

Nothing Happens Until You Make It Happen

Many people have come to me and said they wanted to write a booklet.  Nearly all of them had great ideas that were not only salable, but that would be easy to create an entire business around, complete with additional booklets and other products.  I explained this to each of them, and they were all excited about the prospect.  Yet none of them followed through.

To this day, they each continue to complain about their financial circumstances, because when they first had the opportunity to change it they didn’t take it.  They let it pass them by.

Someone once said that if you want to have something different, you need to DO something different.  I believe that begins by taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you WHEN THEY ARE PRESENTED. If you wait, sooner or later those opportunities will disappear.

If you’re excited right now about creating your booklet, the time to do it is NOW! You don’t know what the next moment will bring. Things come up that distract us, things happen that delay us, people try to talk us out of things we want to do because they don’t believe we can do them (because they don’t believe THEY can do them), or we might lose our enthusiasm over time and simply never get going.

You’re here, reading this blog for a reason.  You’ve got an idea.  Chances are it’s a great idea that will sell.  The time to make it happen is right now, and the sooner it’s done the sooner you and your audience can benefit from it.

To your riches!


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