Quick Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Information Away For Free

Have you ever had someone come to you for advice, and then not follow the advice you gave to them even though you knew your advice was sound?

In the business world, people tend to value what they pay for more than what they get for free. Your knowledge is worth something, and if you give it away you are actually diminishing its value to those who need it.

This is why you shouldn’t be concerned about charging for your booklets, other products, and any related services you decide to offer, such as public speaking or offering a class.  People believe that if there is a cost associated with a product or service, that product or service is valuable – and it is.

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, but when we get something for free in the business world, it causes us to wonder about how much better the things are that are NOT offered for free.  We might like the freebie we received, but we feel it is somehow inferior to the things we would pay for.

Charge your audience for your information.  Don’t give it away.  People won’t appreciate it if you do.  Your information  is worth something to them and they not only expect to pay for it, they are glad to. It makes them feel like they’ve invested in something (and if your information is good then they have), and it gives your information value.

To your riches!


PS: Before you can charge for your information, you need a way to deliver it to your audience.  A booklet is a fast, easy way to do that.  Are you ready to create your booklet so you can start reaping the riches from it?  Click here!

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