Why You Can Be A Successful Booklet Author Even If You’ve Never Been On Oprah And Nobody Has Ever Heard Of You

Are you concerned about starting your booklet adventure because you aren’t well known already, and why would someone buy your booklet when they’ve never even heard of you?

Many new booklet authors have this concern, and while it seems valid on the surface, the truth is anyone can become a successful booklet author.

Why You Don’t Need Oprah In Your Corner To Become A Success

Nobody is born an expert.  We all have to grow and learn and discover for ourselves what interests us and what we are good at. All the experts in the world today started from scratch, and many of them started just a short time ago.  One such example is Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil is a celebrity and expert today, thanks to his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the late ’90’s.  When he first appeared on that show, nobody knew who he was. Sure, Oprah saw something in him that made her want to give him a chance, but he still had to prove himself.  He was not an automatic expert in the eyes of the public, and even with Oprah’s approval he still needed the approval of his audience.

You might think Dr. Phil was lucky to have Oprah in his corner – that her endorsement helped him.  He was and it did to some degree, but there have also been plenty of other experts who didn’t have Oprah in their corner and they have succeeded as well.

You don’t need Oprah or anyone else to endorse you in order to make you an expert.  All you need is a solid understanding of the information you have to offer and a belief in your ability to convey that information to your audience.

You Are The One In Charge Of Your Expert Status

Nobody can make you an expert.  Only you can do that.  You become an expert by studying your chosen topic, and by participating in it on a regular basis.  In essence, you keep up to date on it and are constantly refreshing and adding to your knowledge as much as you can.

Anyone can become an expert, but most people either don’t believe they can do it, don’t have the time, or don’t want to make the time.  This is why they are willing to buy your booklet.  They need a solution to their problem, but they don’t want to be an expert in that problem.  They would rather let you be the expert and solve it for them so they can do something else.

Becoming An Expert Is Easier Than You Think

Many would-be experts doubt themselves and their knowledge.  The truth is, you only need to know a little more than your audience in order to become an expert to them. Even if you’re just one step ahead, you’re still ahead.  That’s really all it takes.

Just about everyone knows more about something than someone else does.  This includes you.  All you have to do is decide to be an expert and impart your knowledge to others through your booklet.  Once people discover your booklet, they’ll quickly see you for the expert you are.

Don’t doubt yourself.  Give yourself a chance.  Get your information out there and let your audience discover your expertise.  Once they do, you’ll be an expert in their eyes and that will allow you to make more sales to them in the future.

To your riches!


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