Quick Tip: Hobbies Don’t Produce Riches, Businesses Do

Many entrepreneurs go into business for the wrong reason.  They are focused on living a lifestyle of luxury rather than running a business.  They have been convinced that they can do a minimum amount of work, or even no work at all, and live the life of their dreams.  They believe that being in business for themselves is a way to live without working.  But, that isn’t true.  In order to live the life of your dreams you have to DO something to make it happen. You might enjoy writing, but you still have to make the sale to get the riches.

If you see writing as an enjoyable passtime, that’s fine, but don’t expect the money to come rolling in because it won’t.  You must focus on your booklets as a business and treat it with the respect it deserves. This doesn’t mean you can’t write for pleasure.  You can.  You’ll just be doing it aside from your business, and your business must always take priority.

To your riches!


PS: Does the thought of starting your booklet adventure scare you because you don’t know where to begin or what to do?  Do you worry that your idea for a booklet might NOT be a good one?  Are you confused about the process of creating, producing and publishing a booklet?  Find the answers you seek!  Click here!

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