Quick Tip: Should You Include A Bio In Your Booklet?

You might want to include a bio in your booklet.  Then again, you might not.  Whethor or not you do depends on who you’re selling to, what they want, and what you want to be known for.

A bio can help you or it can hurt you. If it’s well written, focuses on your expertise with your subject matter, and you’re selling to individuals or companies that appreciate your expertise, a bio can be very helpful.  But, if you are writing about something you don’t want to be known as an expert in or you’re selling to companies that would rather take the credit for themselves, a bio may hurt you.

Consider your bio carefully, and if you should ever find yourself in the latter position and your booklet contains your bio, offer to remove it.  After all, a check in your hand is better than a bio in your booklet!

To your riches!


PS: Not sure how to write a bio?  Need to get that booklet started?  Could you use some help?  Click here!

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