Why A Finished Booklet Is Better Than A Perfect Manuscript

Are you worried about putting your booklet in the marketplace because you don’t think it’s good enough for publication yet?  Do you continually make changes to your manuscript – adding or deleting information or scrutinizing your text for errors?  If either of these scenarios describes you, there’s something you need to know – a finished booklet is better than a perfect manuscript.

Do Your Best, Then Let It Go

Your booklet will never be perfect.  There will always be something you have overlooked, and editors don’t always catch everything either. Also, editors can’t predict how your booklet will do in the marketplace even when they do catch all the grammatical errors within your manuscript.

All you can do is all you can do, but the good news is all you can do is enough. This means you do your very best, and then you let it go.  There has to come a time when you stop scrutinizing your manuscript or second guessing yourself, and you call it done. And that time should come fairly soon after your first draft is completed.

Reap The Riches Or Reap Nothing – It’s Up To You

To delay finishing your manuscript means to delay getting it into the marketplace – into the hands of those who need it.  Your booklet can’t help anyone if it’s never finished, and isn’t that one of the things you hope to achieve – to help others with your information?

Also, delaying publication of your booklet means delaying your income from that booklet.  In order to reap the riches from your booklet, it needs to be finished and available for sale.

An Ever Changing Marketplace Means Your Booklet Can Never Be Perfect

Once your booklet is on the market, you’ll discover changes that need to be made that you could never have discovered otherwise. These changes may come about as the result of a changing marketplace, or you may receive information you didn’t have access to before.  This is something you can’t predict before your booklet is published.  Therefore, even if you could turn out a perfect manuscript, it wouldn’t stay perfect.  There will always be changes to make down the road.

Do the best you can do, and then let it go.  This doesn’t mean that you turn out a sloppy product.  It means you create a booklet that is focused and complete, and as good as you can make it right now. And later if changes are in order, you’ll take care of them then.  A booklet that is in the marketplace will bring you riches, a manuscript that is continually re-worked won’t.

To your riches,


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