How To Build A Solid, Income Producing Booklet Business

Are you exactly where you want to be in your booklet adventure and in your life right now?  If you’re honest, you’ll say no.  Think back to five years in the past.  Where did you want to be today?  What things did you want to have accomplished?  What goals did you have back then that you haven’t realized today?  Why do you think you didn’t realize those goals?

Why You’re Not Living The Life You Dreamed Of Five Years Ago

The main reason your goals are not realized and you are not living the life today that you dreamed of five years ago is that your priorities are mixed up. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you set your priorities for the day.  If you have created a to-do list the night before, your priorities are set and you have a guideline to help you get things done.  If you didn’t, you’ll prioritize your day as things happen to you.

Prioritizing your goals means they are in the front of your mind and you are driven to achieve them because they are at the top of your list of things to do – whether you’ve actually written down your list or not.  It means getting these things done is highly important, and you’re going to do what it takes to make it happen. This is the attitude you must have in order to achieve anything in life, booklets included.

How To Make Sure That Five Years From Now You Are Living The Life You Want

So, how do you prioritize your goals and your day to make sure that five years from today you ARE living the life of your dreams?  It’s easy.  First, you must decide what is most important to you.  Decide what you really want. Do you want to be a booklet author exclusively, making a living from your knowledge and your writing?  You can do it.

If you’ve already made that decision and you’re living out your booklet adventure, then you need to decide where you want your adventure to take you.    What is your next step? Is it a second booklet?  Is it more products?  Is it a class or public speaking?  Once you know where you want to go and what your goal is, you can then make that goal a priority.

Do You Want To Write For Fun Or For Money?

Once you know what your goal is and you have your priorities straight, you need to take CONTINUAL action until your goal is achieved. This means you can’t start and then drop the ball.  If you do, then everything you did before you quit was just wasted time and you’ll be right back where you started.

Think of yourself like an athlete, but instead of practicing a sport you practice the craft of writing and running a business around your craft.  Athletes have to work hard every day to maintain their endurance and stamina in order to be able to compete and have a real chance to win.  They give themselves every advantage – from staying in shape, to eating right, to practicing their sport every day.  They keep their eye on the prize because they’ve made it a priority.

In contrast, think of someone who is not an athlete but enjoys playing a little basketball now and then – maybe with the kids once in a while.  While this person enjoys basketball, it’s not a priority for them.  Rather, it’s a way to enjoy time with the kids – which is really their priority.  This person doesn’t care about winning a game or being the best player, and that’s fine because making a living from basketball is not their goal.

Which athlete would you rather be like?  If you want to be like the first one, you need to make your booklet business a major priority and take it seriously. If you want to be like the second one, then your writing will be something you do for fun and not for money.

Decide what you want.  Prioritize.  Take constant and continual action until you achieve your goal.  This is how you build a solid, income producing booklet business – and achieve anything else in life.

To your riches!


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