The No-Brainer Way To Write A Booklet And Make Money

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To your riches,



2 responses to “The No-Brainer Way To Write A Booklet And Make Money

  1. Kim,
    My talented sister has written an awesome screenplay. She has it copywrited and sitting on her desk. She’s from smallville – California Missouri – where there isn’t an agent on every street corner. How would she proceed to get her screenplay published without an agent?

    • Hi Sarah.

      Sceenplays are outside of my expertise, but I know that you can submit screenplays to producers without an agent. It’s just a matter of matching the screenplay to the right person and hoping they read it and like it enough to option it. Of course, even if they love it and they option it that doesn’t mean they’ll actually produce it. And even if they produce it that doesn’t mean the finished “product” will resemble the original screenplay. Most of the time it doesn’t.

      Also, your sister doesn’t need an agent in her area to submit her screenplay to one. She can mail it, just as you would mail a book manuscript to an agent or publisher.

      Everyone in Los Angeles has a screenplay they’ve written, and competition is fierce, just as it is in the rest of the publishing world. It’s a tough game to win. If nothing else, your sister could take her screenplay manuscript and turn it into a book and self publish. Or, better yet, she could take her screenplay writing experience and turn it into a booklet to help others who want to get a screenplay produced.

      Good luck!


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