27 Places To Sell Your Booklets By The Truckload

Have you been thinking about writing a booklet but you just can’t imagine who would buy it?  Believe it or not, there are many places that will buy your booklet by the hundreds, by the thousands, or even tens or hundreds of thousands of copies.  And of course, you can sell to individuals too, although selling your booklets by the truckload is much more fun because you only have to make one sale to reap a HUGE payoff!

Here is a list of places for you to consider that just might be interested in buying your booklet by the truckload.  Of course, not every place on this list will apply to your booklet, but even if a place doesn’t apply you can use it to spark ideas of others places that do!

Where To Sell Your Booklets By The Truckload

1) Large Corporate Businesses

2) Franchise Companies that have more than one location

3) Hospitals

4) Doctor’s Offices, Counseling Centers, Therapy Centers

5) Small businesses and Offices

6) Gift Shops (museums, zoos, hospitals etc.)

7) Any place that buys premium products (premiums are hand-outs and give aways used by companies to get people to remember them.  Think pens, flashlights, frisbees, mugs, etc.)

8) Banks and Financial Institutions

9) Educational Institutions – private and public schools, colleges, vocational institutes and training centers

10) The Government-  city, state or national

11) Libraries – private and public

12) Foreign Companies

13) Non-profit Corporations and Fundraising Groups

14) Local or National Sports Clubs

15) Magazine Companies

16) Religious Organizations

17) Mail Order and Catalog Companies

18) Online Retail Companies (think gift with purchase)

19) Travel Organizations – clubs, airlines, tourist information centers, magazines, and related companies

20) Daycares and Preschools

21) Non-credited classes offered through colleges, vocational schools or hospitals such as Lamaze classes

22) Cooking Schools

23) Any company that requires a subscription to get their product – book of the month, fruit of the month, chocolate of the month, etc.

24) Food Manufacturers

25) Fitness Clubs and Organizations

26) Wedding Chapels

27) Publishing Companies – (think gift with purchase)

Go get ’em!

To your riches!


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