The First Step To Creating Your Best Quality Content

Once you know what you want to write your booklet about, the next step is the actual writing.  But, how do you write quality content?

Writing excellent content begins with something so simple that you’ve probably over-looked it – your environment.

Make A Plan

As writers, when we get an idea we often rush to the computer or grab a pen and paper and start writing.  This is ok if you’re simply writing down a few thoughts on which to embellish later.  But, if you’re beginning your manuscript this way it could be disasterous!

Although your booklet will be a small publication, it should still be something which you take pride in.  You should give it just as much thought and care as you would a full length manuscript.  That means you should plan when and where you will do your writing.

When Will You Write?

When you plan a time to write, you want to be certain that you will be relaxed and have no interruptions. You need to be able to focus, and if your focus is constantly broken you will never get the writing done, and any writing you do won’t be your best.

The first thing to ask yourself is when are you the most energized?  Is it at the beginning of the day?  After lunch?  Or are you a night owl?  Whenever you feel energized your brain will be at its best to perform. This is the time of day you should write your manuscript.

But, feeling energized is only half the battle.  You also need to make sure that you will be alone. This might mean writing while the kids are at school, or writing on your lunch hour in a quiet place at work or in your car.  Or, it might mean waiting until the weekend to do your writing so you can get away and really concentrate on your content.

Feeling energized and being alone will help you focus and create your best content, but there’s one more thing to consider before you start and that is where you will write.

Where Will You Write?

One of the most wonderful things about being an author is that you have a choice in where you work.  You can work from a desk, or from a table, or from your bed, or from somewhere completely outside your home such as the beach or a park.

What you need to consider is where are you most comfortable and relaxed? If you’re at home, will you be interrupted by others in the house watching tv or talking and interacting with each other?  Will you be thinking about all the housework that needs to be done and will that rush your writing?  What if someone comes to the door and you are alone to write – will you answer it?  What if the phone rings?

If you’re truly comfortable at home, decide not to let anyone or anything interfere with your writing time. Once you’ve made that decision you’ll find that it’s easier to ignore the doorbell should it ring, and you can unplug the phone until your writing session is over.

Your other option is to leave home to write.  You might drive to a quiet spot and sit in your car.  Or, you might get a hotel room for the night or for a weekend.  Maybe you’ll take your laptop to a local coffee shop (it’s not the most quiet environment, but if you can tune out the noise and get into your head this could work), or maybe you prefer to be outside in nature.  Whatever works the best for you, that’s what you should do.

When you have uninterrupted time alone and you’re in an environment that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, and when you are at your peak energy for the day, that is when you will write your best quality content.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to think clearly, you’ll run into writer’s block, and the words just won’t flow the way you want them to.

Would you like to add an idea?  Please leave your comments below!

To your riches!


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