A Short Story About Sex – Or – How To Find The Perfect Topic For Your Booklet

Often we make things much more difficult than they really are – such as searching for that perfect topic to write about.  You contemplate, come up with an idea, then throw it out thinking it isn’t good enough or you can’t figure out who would buy a booklet about that.  So, you begin contemplating again.

This process can go on for eternity if you let it, and nothing will ever be accomplished.  Here’s a short story about a client of mine and how I helped her overcome her own dilemma of what to write a booklet about.  I hope it will help you too!

A Short Story About Sex

A client of mine came to me one day and told me she wanted to write a booklet.  The idea really interested her, but she had no idea what to write about.  She didn’t own a business and didn’t feel she had any experience worth writing a booklet about.  She was a wife and mother who enjoyed cooking and gardening. I made several suggestions to her about possible titles within her scope of experience, but she considered the things she did too mundane to write about. Nothing I mentioned created that spark of excitement for her.

Then, one day, while having a casual conversation with this lady, I suddenly realized just what her true passion was.  Every time she talked about it her entire demeanor changed. Her face lit up as bright as the sun.  She smiled and laughed when she spoke.  Her speech became rapid, as if she couldn’t get the words out fast enough, and she just radiated joy. What did she love to talk about so much?  What was her true passion?  Sex!  So I suggested she write about that.  The idea was an instant hit with her, and she came up with a wonderful idea for a booklet about sex within the context of marriage.

For months the answer to this lady’s booklet dilemma lay right under her nose! She was simply too close to it to see it objectively.  The same thing is probably true for you.

What makes you radiate joy?  What gives you true happiness?  What do you love doing more than anything else?  What do you constantly talk about with your friends?  What have your friends told you that you talk too much about?  If you could do anything you wanted to right now, what would it be?

Ask yourself these questions.  Pay attention to what you focus on and think about most. This is how you’ll find the perfect topic for your booklet!

To your riches!


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