17 Ways To Improve Your Writing And Make Your Booklets Shine

Good writing is essential to creating a salable booklet.  Here are 17 ways to improve your writing so that every booklet you write will shine!

1) Begin. You’ve got to start somewhere.  You may not like those first few sentences, but that’s ok.  Once you get going you can delete them.

2)  Keep A Notebook With You For Ideas. How often have you come up with an idea only to forget it a few minutes later?  Write them down!  Ideas are the first step to riches. Don’t lose them!

3)  Remember Who You’re Writing To. Try to see your reader in your mind.  Are they a mom?  Grandparent?  Doctor?  Fisherman?  Dog lover?  Seeing your reader will help you create writing that is personal to them, which results in more sales for you!

4)  Keep It Simple. Unless you’re writing a technical booklet, you want to keep your writing simple enough for a 5th grader to understand.  Most people are not sophisticated readers, and you’ll lose them if you’re not speaking their language.

5)  Read. Reading not only makes you a better writer, it sparks ideas!

6)  Write Daily. Practice makes perfect!

7)  Proofread Your Writing. You should do this several times to make sure it says what you want it to say.

8)  Have Someone Else Proofread Your Writing. Sometimes you’re just too close to your work to see it clearly.  Get a second opinion.

9)  Hire A Professional Editor. Unless you’re an editor, this is a good idea.  Not only will they make sure all your “i’s” are dotted and your “t’s” are crossed, but they’ll keep you from repeating words too often, suggest words that work better, and really polish up your manuscript!

10) Use A Dictionary And Thesaurus. These are available for free online and they can be your very best friend.  They will keep you from sounding redundant and give you just the right word just when you need it.

11)   Be Consistent In Your Point Of View. You don’t want to contradict yourself.

12)  Use Bullet Points For Lists. Don’t over-do this, but when you have a list it’s easier to read bullet points than a paragraph.

13)  Remember Your Purpose. Why are you writing this booklet?

14)  Give Yourself A Deadline. Deadlines help to create motivation and give you a sense of timing.  Without deadlines often the writing is never finished.

15)  Be Authentic. There’s only one you.  You are an original with your own unique style.  Let it shine through!

16)  Give Your Readers What They Want. It’s easy to include the things you think are important or necessary, but you must take into consideration what your readers really want.

17)  Know When To Quit. Your booklet will never be perfect, nor will it include every last detail about your subject.  When it’s good, it’s good enough.

To your riches!


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