Premiums And Freemiums – What They Are And Why They Can Make You Rich

Have you been wondering how you will make money with your booklet?  The majority of authors who write books usually think of selling them to individuals either online, through bookstores or both.  But, while every sale adds to your riches, the sales that really bring in the riches are not made to individuals.

Corporate Sales – Your Cash Cow

When you sell your booklet to individuals, you get a nice trickle of cash here and there.  If your sales are constant, you might get a river of cash flowing into your bank account.  This is a wonderful feeling because it makes you feel credible as an author.  Someone felt your information was worth paying for.

But, if you sell your booklets to large companies, you’ll get a whole ocean of money, probably all at once in the form of a check or bank transfer.  This is a feeling beyond wonderful.  It’s euphoria!  Imagine holding a check in the thousands of dollars from a single sale! Yes, it can and does happen, and there is no reason it can’t happen for YOU!

Why would a large company pay you so much money?  Because they will buy thousands of copies from you at one time to use as either a premium or freemium to promote their products and/or services.


So, what exactly is a premium?  A premium is something that a company gives to their customers when they make a purchase. It’s a way of thanking the customer for choosing that particular company’s product or service.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted your mom to buy xyz cereal because you wanted that prize inside the box?  That’s a premium.  Or when you bought your daughter that pair of Sketchers tennis shoes that came with the cute little charm bracelet?  That’s a premium too.  Or, when you sent in those box tops to receive that set of steak knives and all you had to pay was shipping and handling?  Yep.  That’s also a premium.

Premiums come in all varieties, shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual product being purchased, although most companies will offer something they know their market will be attracted to.  And, premiums can be delivered in a variety of ways – such as given to the customer at the time of purchase, as an in pack surprise such as in the cereal box example above, or they can be mailed to the customer after the purchase has been made.


Unlike premiums, a freemium does not require a purchase to be made.  Freemiums, as their name suggests, are given to customers or potential customers for free and are strictly a promotional item. The hope is that the customer will buy from the company or use their service at a future date.

Like premiums, freemiums come in all varieties – from the cheap and silly to the sophisticated and spendy.  They can be delivered in a variety of ways but are most commonly mailed.  The idea behind freemiums is to give people something they will want to keep so they’ll be reminded of that company when they need the product or service that company offers.

Booklets make the perfect premium or freemium.  They’re inexpensive for a company to give away, and they are easily mailed, yet they hold great value for those who receive them and they are usually retained and often shared.  And best of all, corporations will buy them by the thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands at a time – giving you a landslide of moolah instead of just a few dollars here and there.

To your riches!


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