Three Simple Choices That Will Help You Get More Done

As we move further into this new year, one of my goals is to get more things accomplished for my business, as well as  for my life in general.  You probably have the same goal.

I’ve come up with a way to simplify this process.  No matter what task or project is in front of you, there are only three  ways to handle it. All you have to do is choose which one to use.  They are:

1) Don’t Do It. Ask yourself if this is something that really needs to be done, and whether it will bring you any kind of satisfaction, monetarily or otherwise.  Often, you’ll find that the things you think are important really aren’t, and are in fact a big waste of time.

2)  Get Someone Else To Do It. This is my personal favorite!  If it really needs to be done but you either don’t like to do it or your time would be better spent elsewhere, find someone else who excels at it and let them handle it!

3)  Do It Yourself. Sometimes YOU are the only one for the job.  Only you can write your manuscript.  Only you can make decisions regarding your business and your life.  There are some things that you just gotta do yourself, but those are things you wouldn’t want to delegate anyway.

To your riches!


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