The Big Mistake That Will Cost You Sales

Good enough is good enough when it comes to your booklet’s content.  You want to be thorough, yet you don’t need to include every last bit of information there is about your subject or you would have a series of books, not a booklet.  But, you do want to be sure that your text is professional – without typos, and without punctuation or grammar errors.  Here’s why.

This Website Had Me At Hello – Until I Read The Text

Yesterday after receiving an email, I visited a website that interested me.  The person who was promoting their expertise has been a top CEO for a couple of very big companies, and now she’s striking out on her own.  She was promoting her ability to maintain her business savvy while keeping things happy at home with her family.  She seemed to have found that perfect balance and was now willing to share it with the world.

This website had me at hello, but as I got further into the conversation I realized that this woman probably didn’t write her own website copy.  Not only that, but she didn’t bother to proof read it either.  Her copy was filled with errors. Not tons of them, but one here, one there, which told me that she really didn’t care all that much about her online image.

As an example, she meant to say she “met” her husband, but the text read that she “meat” her husband.  The sad thing is it tarnishes her image.  She’s telling me one thing, but I’m seeing something else. After all, any CEO worth the money they’re paid should be able to spell “met” and know how to use it correctly in a sentence.

Of course, she’s got a product she’s trying to promote, but I imagine it was put together with the same carelessness as her website copy.  I simply left the site, never to return, and she lost this sale and any future sales from me. One error I could over-look.  But not one after another.

Don’t Give Them A Reason NOT To Buy

Your booklet is an extension of YOU. Your audience may never get the chance to meet you in person.  They will only know you by your booklet and any other products you produce, as well as what you do online.  If they don’t believe you’re a professional, they’ll question how much you really know and they won’t buy your booklet or anything else you produce.

It may seem trivial to you.  A typo here, a misspelled word there.  What’s the big deal?  And it’s true, some people will never notice.  And some who do won’t care.  But what about the ones who do notice and who do care?  What if one of those people happens to be a big, corporate decision maker who was interested in a large quantity purchase?

When people are interested in a product, they look for reasons NOT to buy.  Even if they love the product, they will pick it over as they have a conversation with themselves in their head, looking for a reason to keep their money in their wallet. You don’t want to give them a reason not to buy.  You want to give them reasons why they HAVE to buy!

You’ve Got A Second Chance – Take It!

If your image and professionalism being on the line isn’t enough to convince you that you need to proofread and edit your manuscript and anything else you publish, then here is some parting food for thought.

When you speak, your words are out there.  You can never take them back.  It’s too late.  This is why we should think before we speak, but often we don’t.  We just say what’s on our mind or our heart without thinking, only to regret it later. With the spoken word there is no proofreading, no editing, and no second chance.

But, with the written word you have the opportunity to make sure that it presents you in the best possible light and says exactly what you want it to say. It will never be 100% perfect, but it can be 100% professional.  By proofreading and editing your manuscript you get a second chance to get it right before it’s out there in the public eye.  Why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?  Not taking it is a big mistake that will cost you sales.

To your riches!


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