Quick Tip – The Free Tool That Helps You Find Topics To Write About

Sometimes it’s tricky finding just the right topic or angle to write about.  For example, you might want to write a booklet about places to vacation in California.  But, this topic is vague and too big to fit into a booklet.  You need to niche it down.

There’s a free tool you can use, by Google, that will help you do this.  It’s called the wonder wheel (catchy, don’t you think?)

To use the wonder wheel:

1) type your subject, in this case California vacations, into Google’s search box and hit enter.

2) When Google brings up the next page, look at the top left of the page and you’ll see a link that reads “show options.”  Click that link.

3) Now look down the list on the left and click “wonder wheel.”  You’ll get more topics, such as California resorts, California beach vacations, etc.  And you can go deeper by clicking on each of these!

To your riches!


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