Out Of The Ordinary, But Truly Extraordinary

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to click on.  But, before you rush right down to it, let me explain.

Most of the things I post to this blog are about booklets, period.  But, once in a while I come across something so extraordinary that I feel compelled to share it even if it doesn’t directly apply.

I am continually amazed by the creative potential that we, as human beings possess.  Writing is one way of expressing creativity.  Drawing is another.  And music is another still.  But recently I came across something truly new and unique – something so strange and yet so wonderful I had to share it because I know it will stretch your imagination to see beyond the limits you have set for yourself. It certainly did for me!

Here is what you will see – It’s a video, about 8 minutes long, of a pretty girl – Ksenia Simonova, age 24 –  who uses her fingers to draw with sand on an illuminated board.  Just sand and nothing else.  But wait, she doesn’t just draw one picture.  She draws one after another, telling a story and turning it into a stunning performance!

Even more amazing is what she draws!  She depicts the effects of WWII on ordinary people during the German invasion.  Yeah – and she does this with SAND!

Since this video is not in English, let me tell you about the pictures you will see.

First, she draws a happy couple sitting on a bench, but then the war planes appear and the scene is destroyed.

Next, she draws a woman’s face with tears, but then she draws a baby and the woman’s tears turn to a smile.

War returns and a young woman appears, but she is quickly turned into an old widdow with a sad, wrinkled face.  From this, a monument is created as a memorial.

After this, an outdoor scene is created and is framed in a window, as if you are inside looking out.

And last, a mother and child appear inside the window, with a man standing outside – his hands against the window – saying goodbye.

Is there a tie in to booklets here?  You bet!  If someone can do this with sand and affect people around the world (this was filmed during a contest, which this young lady won, and she moved the audience to tears!), your booklet can have a big impact too!

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe you should include a few in your booklet.  Hey, after watching this I think you could even forget the words altogether IF you wanted to!


Click HERE to watch this imaginative, and extraordinary video!

To your riches,


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