Seven First-Step Goals For New Booklet Authors

Are you new to the idea of writing booklets?  Do you feel a little confused as to where you should begin?  Here’s a quick run-down of seven first-step goals to help you get started on the fast track to getting your booklet published and making money!

1) Harness Your Passion. Whatever you’re passionate about, you can write about and sell long term.  Make sure you love your subject!

2) Draw On Your Experience. Using your own expertise is the best way to write your manuscript.  It’s already in your head!

3) Draw On Others’ Experience. When your own expertise is not enough, get answers and material from others who are more knowledgeable than you.  This can be done via interviews, books, cd’s, online, etc.  Not only will you gain needed material for your manuscript, but you’ll add to your own expertise in what you learn.

4) Write That Booklet Manuscript! Whether you’re just using your own information or you’ve compiled information from a variety of sources, your next goal is to get the writing done!

5) Produce That Booklet Manuscript. Whether you plan to sell hard copies, e-copies or both, you can’t do it until you turn that manuscript into a product.

6) Focus On Your Market And Begin Reaching Out. Now it’s time to tell others what you’ve got and what it can do for them.  Tell anyone and everyone who will listen.  You never know who someone knows.  Even if the person you’re talking to isn’t interested, they may know someone who is.  And don’t forget about the internet!  It’s a great way to reach your market, even if your booklet is only available in hard copies.

7) Rake In The Riches And Do It Again! Once word gets around and people get to know you a little, the riches will begin to flow.  Now it’s time to write that next booklet!

To your riches!


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