The #1 Secret To Writing A Booklet With Compelling Content That Makes Them Buy

With all the information available today, both online and off, how can you be sure your booklet won’t get lost in the clutter?  How can you make readers sit up and take notice, and better yet, open their wallets?

The answer lies in your booklet’s content.

Who Will Read Your Booklet?

Before you write your manuscript, you must know who you’re writing to. Who do you expect will read your booklet?  Are you writing to teens?  Little old ladies who live in apartments?  Truck drivers?  Middle school teachers?  Moms of small children?

Knowing who you’re writing to gives you a starting point.  You wouldn’t write the same way for truck drivers that you would for teens.  Your writing style would be a little different for each – so that it would speak to them.

Why Will They Read Your Booklet?

Now that you know who you’re writing to, you must ask yourself why they’ll read your booklet.  The answer to that question is that your booklet gives them information they can use to solve a problem they have, or to improve their life in some way.

The only reason anyone will ever buy your booklet is because it helps them, or it will help someone they know.  If they don’t believe your booklet can help them they won’t buy.

Adding Them Together

Now, take your who and add it to your why and you’ve got the #1 secret for writing a booklet with compelling content! You want your audience to believe that your booklet was written just for them.

How many times have you bought a book because it spoke to you in some way?  You want your booklet to speak to your audience the same way – and it will as long as you remember who you are writing to.

But, you also have to give your readers what they want – that’s the why.  Your writing style won’t matter at all if you don’t help the reader or give them the information they need.

When you do these two things, your content will be compelling to your audience and they will want to buy your booklet.  In fact, they won’t be able to whip out their wallet fast enough, because you will have given them exactly what they need!

To your riches!


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