A New Year’s Letter From Kim – How To Make The Most Of This Year, And This Decade

Welcome to a brand new year here on the Writing For Riches blog!  Isn’t it exciting to have a fresh, shiny new year ahead?  Oh, but before we talk about the new year, let’s go back a ways – to the year 2000.

Do you remember the year 2000?  I sure do!  Back then I owned my own airbrush business and I traveled around from one festival to another trying to earn enough money to move to L.A.  That was a tough road – especially during the summer.  I literally lived out of a suitcase!

In 2000 I was sure of where I was going.  I was determined to get there.  But, I didn’t have a solid plan.  I kept working, and I worked hard, but it wasn’t enough.  And my efforts to make a permanent move to L.A. failed.  But, life has a funny way of twisting and turning.  There’s always another bend in the road that takes you in a new direction.

Just five years later I wrote my first booklet.  And now, I know how to create a solid plan and move forward.  Sure, there will be a few setbacks along the way, but I’ll overcome them.  I’ve learned quite alot since my airbrushing days!

Now I’m not just planning for the new year, I’m making plans for the next decade!  How about you?  Where were you 10 years ago?  What were you doing?  What were your plans?  Your hopes?  Your dreams?  Did you you achieve them?

What about the next decade?  What do you want?  What will you do to get it?  If you want to have something different, you need to do something different! Where do you want to be in 2020?  Think about it.  Write down your goals and read them every day.  Stay focused.  Create a plan.  You can do it!

And if you want to write a booklet this year, or grow your booklet business, keep reading the blog!  I’ve got some great stuff coming your way!

Here’s to your success and your riches in 2010 and in the next decade!


PS: Get started on achieving your goals for this year right now!  Click on one of the links at the top right of this page to subscribe to this blog. Remember, it only takes ONE idea to start the riches flowing to you!


2 responses to “A New Year’s Letter From Kim – How To Make The Most Of This Year, And This Decade

  1. And don’t forget the, “and suddenly” factor! Ten years ago, I had two kids still in school. Now I have a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, a grandson on the way, hopefully another wedding in sight, and I’m living in another state, a thousand miles from where I was. Keep looking up, you never know where you will be in the future! One “and suddenly” can change everything. As they say, life turns on a dime. Make your plans, be persistent, be patient, work diligently, but look for the quantum leap that changes your life.

  2. That is absolutely so true, Larry! Life is full of twists and turns!

    My heart felt congratulations to you on the birth of your granddaughter, and may your grandson be a healthy bundle of joy! These are riches beyond measure….


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