17 Must-Do’s To Boost Your Booklet Riches In 2010

This is it!  2009 is over.  It’s time to look ahead.  Here are 17 things to strive for in the new year that will help your booklet business grow!

1) If you haven’t done it already – Write Your Booklet Manuscript! You can’t reap riches from something that doesn’t exist.  This is your first step.  Nothing else happens until it’s done!

2) Ignore Your Fear And Get Out There. Fear is a killer. It will kill your ideas, your motivation and your momentum.  Don’t let fear stop you!  Remember, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself!

3) Increase Your Visibility. The more people there are who discover you, the more people there are to buy your booklet.

4) Come Up With New Titles To Offer Your Audience. If they like the first booklet they purchased from you, chances are they’ll come back for more!

5) Come Up With New Product Ideas To Offer Your Audience. How about a CD?  An E-book?  A Workbook?  A DVD?

6) Stay Current In Your Subject. Read all you can.  Attend workshops if they’re offered.  Research online.  This keeps you at the top of your game and lends you credibility as an expert.

7) Be Generous With Your Readers. The more you give, the more you get (but don’t give just for this reason!).  Always give them your best, and deliver more than you promise.

8) Embrace Your Passion And Write From Your Heart. Even when you’re writing non-fiction, you need to love what you’re writing about.  If you don’t really care, why should your reader?

9) Take Time To Celebrate The Little Victories Along The Way. Did you make a sale of just one booklet?  Rejoice!  Somebody thought enough of what you wrote to pay you for it!  More sales are sure to follow!

10) Dream. This is how you come up with goals and new ideas!

11) Strive For Excellence In All You Do. You won’t always hit the mark, of course, but if you’re not striving for excellence you’ll be settling for mediocrity.

12) Do At Least One Thing Everyday To Bring You Closer To Your Goals. Make one phone call.  Write one email. Tell one person about your booklet.  And if you can do more than one thing – do it!

13) Respect Your Time And Expect Others To Do The Same. Time is your most valuable resource.  Use it to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

14) Be Accountable. If you say you’ll do it – do it!

15) Be Responsible. Remember that whatever you put out into the world stays there forever!

16) Adapt. Make changes where and when you need to.  If you are too ridgid in your plans and unwilling to bend, it will cost you opportunities.

17) Have Fun! If you love to write, and you’re writing about your passion, your booklet business should be a source of great pleasure and satisfaction for you.

Would you like to add something to the list?  Please leave your comments below!

All my best for a happy (and rich!) new year!


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