How To Take Care Of Your Fans So They Remain Devoted To You

Imagine this.  A high profile celebrity whom you like or admire is on twitter.  You join twitter and follow that celebrity.  For some time you enjoy reading their tweets and learning more about them and what they’re doing.  Then, one day you discover that the celebrity hasn’t been tweeting at all.  They hired someone else to do it for them. How would you feel?

If you’re like most fans you would probably feel let down, maybe even betrayed by the celebrity.  This is exactly how millions of fans felt when the media released the names of several stars who hire other people to tweet for them.

What does this have to do with booklets?  I’m glad you asked!

You Are A Celebrity

When you write a booklet and put it on the market, you become a celebrity to your readers.  If your readers are true fans (and you will have some) they will want to know more about you. They will form opinions of you based on what you have written, and any information they can find about you – online or off.

You owe these fans your attention and respect. Without them you wouldn’t have an audience for your booklet(s), and you wouldn’t be able to make money doing what you love.  Your fans are vital to your livelihood.

Be Available

As a celebrity author, you need to be available to your fans in some way.  20 years ago your fans might have written you a letter and hoped for a response.  But, today the game has changed.

With the internet, people expect to be able to find information about you and to connect with you in some way. You might provide an email address they can write to, or you might be visible through some kind of social media such as facebook, twitter, or a blog platform.  How you choose to connect with your fans is up to you, but you need to have a connection.

Be Authentic

Being available to your fans is only half of your responsibility to them.  You must also be authentic.  This means that it is really YOU communicating with them.  If it isn’t you, then they should know that.  But, it’s best if it is you, because you are the one they want to get in touch with and get to know.

Being authentic also means that you’re giving your fans real information.  You need to be the real deal all the way. This will keep your audience loyal to you.  They’ll know that they can get in touch with YOU, and that when they do they’ll get real information they can use.  And they will come to you again and again.

Don’t hide from your audience.  Embrace them!  Let them get to know you, and always give them your best!

To your riches!


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