Three Simple Rules For Creating A Top-Notch Booklet That Sells

Creating a booklet as a salable product is as easy as 1-2-3 when you follow these three simple rules!

Make It Short

A booklet is a small publication.  That’s its edge.  That’s what gives it power over a full length book.  It’s more in depth than a short article, but far less so than a book.

If your booklet is too long, it’s a book.  That’s ok if writing a book is your intention, but then you lose the power of a booklet.

Few people read books today.  The average american never gets past the first chapter.  In fact, statistics have shown that only about 2% of Americans ever finish a book.

This is why booklets are appreciated.  They’re a quick, short read.  It gives the reader information almost instantly, without having to sift through tons of pages to find what they really need.

Make It Complete

Although your booklet is a short publication, it should still be complete.  Just as a sentence is a complete thought, your booklet should be a complete read.  You don’t need to give every last detail about your subject.  That’s what books are for.  But, you should give enough information so that the reader is able to take that information and apply it to their own life in some way.

A book is made of several chapters.  Think of a booklet as just one of those chapters. It’s complete in and of itself.  It may be an overview of the entire subject, pulling out the most important details, or it may focus on one aspect of the subject and give concentrated, more detailed information in that specific area.

Make It Professional

Unless you’re a professional who does layout and artwork for others, it’s best to leave the design and layout of your booklet to someone who does this for a living.

Of course, you can direct this person as to what you want the finished product to look like.  In fact, it’s best if you do because even the best artist or designer will have difficulty coming up with just the right look if they’re trying to work from a blank slate. Their goal is to please you, and in order to do that they’ll need YOUR input.

Your goal is to have a professional product to offer your market.  You don’t want to cut corners in any area that will affect your product’s professionalism. You want a top-notch booklet inside and out!

Make it short, make it complete, and make it professional, and you’ll have a top-notch booklet that makes you a winner!

To your riches!


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