11 Free Tools To Help You Write A Better Booklet

Even the most savvy writer must continue to hone their craft in order to stay sharp.  As a booklet author, it is especially important that you continue to polish your skills so that your booklets grab your audience’s attention and speak to them with bold clarity.

Here are 11 free tools you can use to help you write a better booklet.

Grammar Girl – Not sure whether to use who or whom?  Don’t know if something will affect you or effect you?  Grammar Girl to the rescue!  This is a great website that offers short, simple, easy to remember tips to help you write like a pro!

Using English Punctuation Correctly – Should you use a hyphen or a dash?  A semi-colon or a colon?  You’ll find the answer here.  This web page will give you a quick rundown of punctuation rules.

Guide To Grammar And Writing – This is a fantastic, easy to navigate, website that covers everything from sentence structure to writer’s block!  If you have a writing problem, you’ll probably solve it here!

Style Guide – Brief and to the point, you’ll find information here about things like jargon and tone that you may not find on other sites.

Technical Writing – Are you writing a technical style booklet?  This website is for you!

Common Errors In English Usage – Literally an A-Z list of common errors.  Very useful!

Visuwords – This website is like a thesaurus but it gives you a diagram instead of a definition. Type in a word and several other, associated words will come up with it in an interesting web of colored circles.  This could prove useful for writer’s block by helping you see other alternatives in a diverse and unique sort of way.

Visual Dictionary – Do you need to see a picture of the definition of a word?  This website can help!  This is really useful if you’re writing about something technical or you just need to get in image in your mind so you can put it into words.

Orangoo Free Spell Check – Don’t have a spell checker and need to check the spelling in your manuscript?  Copy and paste it here.  This site is easy to use and will even check the spelling of the text on your website for you!

Word Web – A  downloadable dictionary and thesaurus for your computer.

Word Counter – This is just cool!  Use this tool to find any words in your text that you have over-used, or to find keywords within your text.  Just copy and paste in your text.

Got a free resource or tool you would like to add?  Please leave your comments below!

To your riches!


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