How To Make Every Word Of Your Booklet Manuscript Count

When you write your booklet manuscript, the idea is to keep it short.  That means you need to make every word count.  It’s more important for your readers to understand your writing than it is for you to be clever and cute or artsy.

Why Reading Your Manuscript Is Important

When your booklet manuscript is finished you need to read it over more than once, and you should read it out loud to yourself several times.  This will help you find those sentences that don’t quite work, or those words that don’t convey the message you want them to.

Because your booklet is giving a small amount of information, as opposed to a book, you want to make sure that your information is crystal clear and easy to follow.

A Free Tool You Can Use To Help You

It’s a good idea to use a dictionary and thesaurus when you write your manuscript.  You can find these online for free.  A good one is  You’ll find both a dictionary and a thesaurus there.

While the dictionary will give you the meaning of a word, the thesaurus will give you other words that have the same or a similar meaning as the word you’re looking up.  This gives you more words to play with and keeps you from being monotonous in your writing, while at the same time it helps you to be able to pinpoint exactly what you mean.

For example, if you’re looking up the word jump, you will also find the words leap and hop in the thesaurus as well.  Now all you have to decide is whether the lazy brown fox jumped over the log, leaped over the log, or hopped over the log.  Or maybe he sprang over it, or bounced over it.  Each word gives the sentence a little different meaning and creates a slightly different picture for the reader.

How To Write A Life Changing Manuscript

One question you need to ask yourself is what do you want your audience to do when they have finished reading your booklet. For example, if your booklet is about raising chickens in your backyard, you might want the reader to understand why raising chickens in their backyard is a good thing to do, and you will want to tell them how to build a chicken coop, what kind of chickens to buy, how to feed the chickens, and how to keep them safe from other animals that might prey upon them.   If that is your goal for the reader, then you should be checking your manuscript to be sure the reader will be able to do that without fail after they have read your booklet.

Your booklet should give the reader some action to do.  That’s what makes the read exciting and it will keep them coming back for more, because when your reader can take your information and apply it to their life in some way, it becomes life changing.

Don’t worry about writing perfect prose in your manuscript.  It doesn’t need to be artsy.  It just needs to be clear and easy to follow.  Make every word count!

To your riches!


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