How To Climb The Ladder Of Success All The Way To The Top

Have you hit a road block in your booklet adventure?  Maybe you don’t know if your idea for your booklet is a good one.  Maybe you’re wondering if your market is the right one.  Maybe you’re just not sure if you have the chops as a writer to pull this off.

If you’re stuck and not moving forward it isn’t because of any outward influence.  It’s because of that space between your ears!

It’s Better To Try And Fail

Every person on the planet who has ever succeeded in anything has had some kind of failure along the way, and probably many.  Nobody starts a new adventure and goes directly to the top. We’re not born walking and talking.  We have to practice.  We step, and then we stumble, and then we get up and step again.  We babble, and then we discover how to say a few words, and then a few more.  It’s a process, and none of us gets it perfect the first time out of the gate.

If you’re afraid of failing and you let that fear stop you, you’ll never know success. You may have a great idea for a booklet that will help many people, but if you let that fear stop you from creating it you’ll never know what might have been.  It’s better to try and fail than never to have tried at all.

Refining Your Success Strategy

How many failures does it take to reach success?  The answer is different for everyone and every situation, but the more you fail the closer to success you get. You discover what doesn’t work, and you try something else.  You keep going until you find what does work.

This is true in every aspect of your booklet adventure.  If you created a booklet and it didn’t do very well, you need to figure out why.  Maybe the booklet didn’t give enough good information.  Maybe you weren’t offering it to the right market.  Or maybe you weren’t reaching your market through the proper channels.  Wherever the failure is, you need to find it and then make a change. Each time you do this you gain knowledge and that will help you further refine your success strategy.

The Step-Ladder To Success

Failure is really the step-ladder to success. If you view it any other way you will remain right where you are.  You’ll never get beyond where you are or realize success because you will have talked yourself out of it.

How many times have you thought to yourself that something wouldn’t work?  And if you thought that, it probably didn’t.  Instead, try thinking, “How can I make this work?” Now you’re looking for a solution or a better option.  This is productive and moves you forward rather than keeping you stuck where you are.

Success or failure isn’t shaped by outside forces that happen.  It’s shaped by how you think about those outside forces.  If you see failure as the end, then it is.  But, when you see failure as just another rung in the ladder of success, you’ll keep climbing that ladder and go all way to the top.

Go ahead and fail.  Do it over and over again.  It’s ok, as long as you’re learning something from it.  Then, take what you’ve learned and move forward to success.

To your riches!


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