What You Need To Know Before You Write Your Next Booklet

When you create your first booklet you may not be thinking ahead to future titles.  But, sometime after that first booklet is on the market you may find that you have new ideas for writing booklets that are in a completely different category from your first one.  What should you do?  Should you venture out of your current genre and give birth to your latest brainchild?  Maybe.  But, before you do there are some things you should think about.

Creating A Following

Once your first title is out and people are buying, you begin to create a following within a particular market. If your first booklet is about how to find and hire the perfect nanny, your market will expect similar titles from you in the future which have to do with raising children.

In this case your market is a high-end group of parents who are interested in information to help them solve their parenting problems.  They know you as an expert on finding the perfect nanny from your first title, and the chances of them buying from you again are quite good as long as your content is helpful to them and your next title relates to the first one in some way.

Your Following Will Grow

Using the booklet example above, as you continue down the road in your booklet adventure your following within that high-end parenting market will grow.  This is a good thing, but the more your following grows the more difficult it will be for you to switch to a completely different genre. You won’t have to write every booklet about nannies, but you will need to carefully consider your market and it’s needs and desires before writing any new titles.

The larger following (or fan base) you have, the more riches you will rake in from your booklet(s). If you decide to go in a completely new direction and start writing booklets about gardening, your first market that has come to know you as the parenting expert will be left scratching their heads.  They will be confused because they knew you as the parenting expert, but now you’re promoting yourself as the gardening expert with your newest booklet.

Don’t Let Your Fans Down

Twenty years ago you might have been able to write for different genres and gotten away with it.  You could have used pen names and nobody would have known the difference.  But, today’s world is a whole different game.

Today we live in a world where it takes seconds instead of weeks to reach our market, and where word of mouth spreads at lightning speed. It’s no longer possible to be invisible, and as a booklet author you don’t want to be.  You will create a following because of what you write, and your fans will want to know more about you.

As your fans begin to search and exchange information they’ll discover whether or not you really are an expert. They’ll form opinions which you will have no control over, and they’ll base their decision on whether or not to buy from you in the future based on those opinions.

You want to be known as an expert in something. This is what will endear you to your fans.  What if J.K. Rowling stopped writing Harry Potter books and started writing religious fiction instead?  What if Rachel Ray decided to do a show about landscaping in addition to her cooking show?  In either case, it probably wouldn’t bode well with the fan base they have already created.  Their fans would feel let down, and fans who feel let down don’t buy.

If you create that first booklet and it tanks and nobody knows or cares who you are, you can change genres without worry.  But, if you’ve got a fan base – people who follow you and buy from you repeatedly – and if that fan base is growing, you would be throwing your riches away if you go in a new direction with your writing.

Got an opinion?  Know something I don’t?  Your comments are always welcome!

To your riches!


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