How Embracing The Ways Of The Past Can Help You Rake In The Gold

Once upon a time customer service was just that – service, and it was done because the business owner or company truly cared about their customers.  Times have changed, and there’s gold here for the author who is willing to embrace the ways of the past.

The Way It Was

There used to be a day when you could go into a department store and as soon as you took an item off the rack you would have a sales person by your side offering to start you a dressing room. That was back in the day when gas stations offered full service – where they’d pump your gas, check your oil and wash your windshield.  And if you went to the bakery and bought a dozen doughnuts they’d throw in an extra one for free.

Over the course of time department stores hired less people, gas stations decided people would rather pump their own gas for a cheaper price, and bakeries stopped giving out free doughnuts.  Genuine customer service became a thing of the past as companies began to focus more on their own bottom line.

The Way It Is

Today it’s difficult to find a company that cares – even in micro-businesses where the owner is the business.  It’s not about the customer anymore.  It’s all about money – and the customer knows it.

People are skeptical of anything that seems genuine these days because they have learned that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  And in most cases they’re right.  There are alot of snake oil salesmen out there waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.  Nobody really cares about the customer anymore.  The customer has to look out for himself.

What It Means For You

What does all of this mean to you as a booklet author?  It means that when you conceive the idea for your booklet, you’re thinking, first, about how your information will help people, and money will always take a back seat to that.  It means that you write your booklet with care – thinking of what your audience needs or wants from you.

You’re not going to be like all those other companies and business people (and authors) out there who don’t care.  You’re going to be someone who does care.  You’re going to stand behind what you put into the marketplace and truly help people as much as you can. You’re going to be genuine – the real deal.

And do you know what will happen when you do this?  People will discover that there really is someone who cares about what they need or want.  There really is someone who is offering a genuine product and is willing to stand behind it.  And then they’ll want to buy from you over and over again, and they’ll tell everyone they know because you are such are rare find in the marketplace today.

Write your booklet because you care. It’s such a basic, simple concept and people WILL respond to it.  Put that care into everything you do – from your booklet manuscript to your marketing and sales – and you won’t have to worry about money.   You’ll be so set apart from everyone else you’ll literally rake in the gold!

To your riches!


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