17 Reasons You Should Write A Booklet In 2010

Have you been thinking about writing a booklet but been putting it off?  Whether it’s your first booklet or your next one, here are 13 reasons to stop procrastinating and get it done!

1) You can’t make money from something that isn’t created. Write it now, and make money in the new year!

2) A booklet gives you credibility which means you can charge higher fees for other products and services you offer.

3) The world needs to hear your message. Somewhere, someone needs the information that only YOU can provide, and they’re willing to PAY you for it!

4) A booklet will help you survive these tough, economic times.

5) You can have that booklet whipped out and selling within a month or less. Why put it off any longer?

6) To have the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Pay off those bills, take more vacations, work from home.

7) Writing that booklet may be the start of a whole new career for you. Want out of the rat race?  Here’s your ticket!

8) Being a booklet author leads to other opportunities. You’ll do things and go places you never thought you would.

9) You can easily spin other products from that one booklet and expand your offerings which adds to your riches.

10) A booklet can get your foot in the door with a publisher when you want to write a full length book.

11) You will be a celebrity to your audience. People respect authors and tend to think of them as celebrities or as someone important.  That will be you!

12) You can live and work from anywhere you please. Writing really is a dream job!

13. A booklet can create passive income for you online. Just create an e-booklet instead of printed copies!

14) Write it once and it will sell forever. There are few jobs in life you can do one time and get paid over and over again.

15) It gives you a greater purpose in life. This is your chance to make the world aware of something you care about.

16) You’ll discover new people, places and things. You’ll make friends with like-minded people and be part of an exclusive inner circle.

17) It’s a chance to leave a legacy.

Got one to add to the list?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

To your riches!


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