Why You Don’t Have To Write More Than One Title To Make Real Money

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of having a large booklet business that sells a variety of products?  Would you like to keep things simple, perhaps just selling one booklet or a few related titles?  If so you may be wondering if you’ll be able to make any real money by offering fewer choices to your market.  The answer is an unequivocal and resounding YES!  You can!

If Coca Cola Can Do It, So Can You

There’s a new shop at my local mall that just opened up for the holiday season.  They sell puzzles, and puzzles only. They don’t have a large selection. They have different categories, such as animals and nature, space, holidays, and children’s puzzles, and each category has maybe 10 different choices – some more, some less.

This little shop that isn’t really all that impressive is doing quite well.  Every time I walk by they have shoppers browsing and buying.

Another company that is famous for selling only one product is Coca Cola.  They started with one simple product in 1886, and it wasn’t until 70 years later – in the 1950’s – that they began to introduce other products into the marketplace.

Although today they sell a variety of sodas and other products, they will always be known for their original coke.  This is a company that took one product and RAN with it. If you would like to know more about how Coca Cola got it’s start and spun a single product into a household name, you can read about it at http://heritage.coca-cola.com

You can choose to sell booklets, and booklets only, like the puzzle company mentioned above.  You might offer a few different titles in different categories, or you might offer related titles only in a single genre.

Or, you might decide to be like Coca Cola and offer only one, good title to your market.  If Coca Cola can do it, why not you?

Better To Do One Thing Well

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s better to do one thing well than be a Jack of all trades?”  If you create only one booklet, or you create a series of related titles in just one category or genre, you will become well known as an expert in the area of your subject.

For example, if you love dogs – and particularly pomeranians – you might write a booklet about the love and care of pomeranians.  Your booklet might include how to choose a pomeranian puppy, training and grooming tips, feeding, and general care.

Later, should you decide to expand a little, you might write another booklet about how to train your pomperanian as a show dog.  Although your new title deals with a different subject – showing your dog – it is still tied into your general theme of pomeranians.  This makes YOU the pomeranian expert!

You Have To Cut Your Teeth Somewhere

Even if you decide later to expand your business into as many different genres and titles as you possibly can, or you decide to offer other products to your market aside from booklets, it’s good to begin with one product.

Coca Cola wasn’t built in a day. They started with one product and stuck to it for 70 years.  They were a household name before they expanded.

Nobody starts at the top with a large business that sells hundreds of products unless you buy an existing business.  Even then you have to cut your teeth somewhere or you wouldn’t be prepared to run that big business.

You can create a single product and reap riches from it forever.  And should you choose to expand down the road, the opportunity will always be there.

To Your Riches!


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2 responses to “Why You Don’t Have To Write More Than One Title To Make Real Money

  1. Besides Coca-Cola, there’s Walter Swan and his one-book bookstore in Bisbee, AZ. Read about him at

    • That is so cool! And you know he’s doing well since he’s writing a sequel! Thanks so much for sharing this, Larry!


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