Why There’s Always More To Write

Do you have an idea for a booklet but you’re worried that too much has been written about it already?  Or, maybe you’ve already written a series of booklets and you don’t think there is anything else for you to say about your subject – no more booklets to write.  No matter how much has been written about any subject, there is always more to write!

Why There Is More To Write About Your Subject Than You Think

Take a trip to the bookstore or the library and you’ll find anywhere from a handful of books on any given subject to a hundred or more.  The health and nutrition section alone contains at least hundreds of titles, and if you include everything ever writing under this heading – from books to articles – there are probably millions of pieces of information on the subject.

Why is there so much written about health and nutrition?  Because it pertains to everyone, but not all at the same time.  In other words, each book or smaller publication or article is niched to a specific group. One title may be written to women under 30 while another is for women over 40.

Another consideration is that health and nutrition is a very broad subject.  You can write about vitamin supplements, weight loss, detoxing the body, organic farming, infant nutrtion, and the list goes on and on.  With such a broad subject there is so much variety that you could never run out of booklets to create. Throw the different niches into the mix and there are more possibilities for booklets than any one person could write in a lifetime!

Chances are your subject is broader than you think it is.  Think in terms of niches, and think in terms of how many sub-categories there are within your subject. If you break it down, you’re likely to find that there is more material waiting to be created than you originally thought.

Ideas Are Everywhere

Sometimes writing another booklet, or even your first one, is just a matter of coming up with the right idea.  Ideas are everywhere.  Once in a while, they’ll pop right into your head without you even having to think about it.  You might be driving somewhere, or you might be in the shower.  Usually, it happens when you’re relaxed and not thinking about it.

But, what if you’re not getting any ideas?  Then, you just have to look at what’s around you.  If you’re interested in a particular subject, go to your local library or bookstore and see what else has been written about it. That’s a sure way to spark ideas, because you will have a reaction to what others have written.  That reaction can be the very basis for your booklet.

You can find ideas as you go through your day too.  You might be looking at a website and something will suddenly click for you.  Or you might be watching tv when it happens.  All you need to do is actively seek, and the idea will come. Keep your mind aware that you are looking for an idea, but don’t dwell on it too much.

Listen To Your Audience

Your audience will also give you ideas of what to create, and there is no better place to get them.  When you create what your audience wants, it’s like having the sales built in! Just listen to what people tell you – even if they haven’t purchased from you before.  If you’re getting requests again and again for some particular information – BINGO!  That’s your next title!

Probably every subject has more material that could be written about it than any one person could ever do in a lifetime – including your subject.  Widen your focus.  Look at the niches.  Look at the subcategories.  Look at the ideas all around you.  And listen to your audience. When you do, you’ll be able to create product after product, and your riches will grow!

To your riches!


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4 responses to “Why There’s Always More To Write

  1. Another reason why there is always more to write is, your own voice. I’ve bought dozens of books through the years based on the way the material was presented. When looking at multiple titles on the same subject, I’ll pick the one that seems to me to be the simplest, most common sense, easily assimilated. In the same way, your own style will resonate with a particular crowd and so even if you are writing the exact same information- the way you write it, your voice will put you ahead of other works to some people.

  2. To all you readers out there. Take some time to give Kim some feedback. This is the BEST blog and some of the best information on the internet about booklets- writing them, selling them, making a living from them. You can pay dearly for information much less helpful than this and here you are getting it for free. I keep picturing Kim with this huge, ancient book of booklet wisdom that is kept in what looks like a library out of Harry Potter. Every couple of days, she goes and opens it and dispenses a few secrets. You don’t realize what gold you’re getting here. Wake up and participate, or at least show your appreciation.

    • Wow! I am truly humbled. I welcome everyone to participate, and please, if you like the blog be sure to tell others about it. I’m only one person, and I need help to get the word out! Thanks! -Kim

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