What To Do When Opportunity DOESN’T Knock

Did you write your booklet thinking that once it was completed buyers would break down your door to get their hands on it?  Are you now finding that isn’t happening, and you’re frustrated because you don’t know what to do?  Opportunity doesn’t always come knocking.  Sometimes you need to create your own opportunities. But, the good news is, it’s easier than you think!

Train Your Brain To Be On The Lookout

As a booklet author, you should always be on the lookout for sales opportunities. This might take some conscious effort.  You need to train your brain to be aware of all the possibilities around you – and believe me, they are there!

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you go, train your mind to be on the lookout.  Whatever you’re experiencing in the moment – whether you’re at the grocery store, in a business meeting, visiting with a friend, or surfing the internet – ask yourself if there is any opportunity to present your booklet.

When you consciously ask yourself this question over and over again, your mind will become used to looking for sales opportunities and will begin to do it automatically without you having to think about it so much.  One day you’ll find that opportunities seem to present themselves TO YOU!

The Obvious And The Hidden

Sometimes the sales opportunities are obvious.  You go to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread, and you happen to see a new product that falls in line with the subject of your booklet.  That is a prime opportunity for a quantity sale, and it’s a fairly easy one to spot.

But, sometimes the opportunities for sales are hidden.  You can still find them, it just means you need to look a little deeper.

For example, you might have a good friend who has a contact who would be a perfect match for your booklet.  Unless you think to talk to your friend about your booklet you would never know that they did, in fact, have a sales opportunity for you.

When you constantly ask yourself if there is an opportunity for a sale in any given situation, you will remember to ask your friend if they know someone who might be interested in your information.  Even if they don’t, they might know someone who knows someone.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

If you aren’t telling others about your booklet, you’re keeping it a secret.  Your booklet should not be kept a secret.  You’ve created something of value that will help others.  Your audience needs your information, and you need their money.  Keeping your booklet a secret won’t accomplish either of these things.

You need to have a big mouth.  Tell everyone about your booklet – from your mother to your best friend to the guy who works behind the counter at the gas station. Leave no stone unturned.  Blab, blab, blab to everyone you meet, everyone you talk to on the phone, and everyone you email.  Tell them you’re an author.  flaunt your credentials a little (but not too much).  Impress them with your professionalism and they’ll be glad to give you names and numbers if they have them.

Stay on the lookout for opportunities.  Dig for them when you need to.  Don’t get discouraged.  The opportunities are there.  You just need to find them!

To your riches!


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