How To Create Happy Customers In Your Booklet Business So You Rake In The Riches

Have you ever seen a commercial that really excited you and made you want to buy a product, and then you bought the product and were disappointed with it?  This has happened to all of us, but you don’t want it to happen to your booklet buyers.  The key to success in any business, booklet publishing or otherwise, is happy customers. Why?  Because happy customers come back and buy from you again.  Here’s how to keep your customers happy.

What Does Your Content DO For Your Reader?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that content is king.  This is as true for booklets as it is for any other medium.  Your booklet must contain content that is relevant to your market, valued by your market, and wanted by your market.

You can get out there and promote your booklet like a pro, but if your content doesn’t DO SOMETHING for your audience – give them information, tell them how to do something, improve their life in some way – you’ll lose.

On the other hand, if you create content that is invaluable to your market, and they get that in a short, easy to read little booklet – they’ll be begging you for more!

Snail Mail, E-Mail or Both?

While great content is at the core of making your customers happy, there is something to be said for the delivery of your product.  Do you know which delivery method your customers prefer?

Some markets prefer online delivery because it’s instant.  Others prefer mail delivery because they want something tangible they can hold in their hand and write notes on.  And some markets may be split, meaning you should offer a choice.

Do you remember the days before the internet, the days when mail order meant ordering from a catalog and then waiting for four to six weeks to receive your item?  You can’t get away with that now. Life is much faster these days and people are more impatient.  Just look at the negative feedback on Ebay and you’ll see that much of it is due to the customer’s dissatisfaction in regard to shipping time.

If you’re shipping booklets via snail mail, it’s best to ship the same day the order came in, or on the next business day.

Give Them More

Your content is great, and you’ve got quick shipping down pat.  What more could your customers want?  More! That’s right!  When they like your content and they know they’ll get their order quickly, they will want to buy more from you.

This means you need to create more products to satisfy your customers and keep them happy. Think about this.  If you purchased a great booklet that helped you with something, and you wanted more information but there wasn’t any more available, wouldn’t you be disappointed?  So will your customers!

This is actually good news because it means you’ve got a market that will buy from you again and again, stuffing your bank account with cash every time! And since your first booklet was only a small amount of information about your subject, you have plenty more that you can write about in your next booklet, and the one after that, and the one after that.

And don’t think that you must stick with booklets, either.  You can create other products too.  There’s nothing wrong with variety and chances are your market will appreciate it, as long as you create products they desire.  And just think – it all begins with one, simple booklet!

So write great content, ship it fast or make it available for instant download, and then go back and do it again!  Let the riches flow!

To your riches!


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