How To Make Your Booklet Stand Out From The Crowd

No matter what subject you choose to write a booklet about, chances are there is already something written about it somewhere else.  It may be a book, article, website, blog or even another booklet.  Or, there may be information available in a recorded format such as a cd.  And, if your subject is a popular one, such as weight loss, information abounds in many forms.  So, how can your booklet stand out from the crowd?

Your Experience And Information Is Unique

Your booklet is not like anything else ever written. It is completely unique, based upon your own experiences and your opinions about those experiences.  What you feel is important about your subject will be quite different from what another author may feel is important.  Therefore, your booklet will include information that another author may choose to exclude.

Few Authors Write Booklets

Your booklet is unique not only because you created it, but also because it is a booklet.  Most authors create books or articles.  Few write booklets.

In order for readers to find an article, they must first search for it online, or read the headlines on the magazines at the newstand.  An article doesn’t stand alone. It’s part of a larger whole, and therefore not necessarily easy to find.

Books, on the other hand, do stand alone and may be easier to find, but they are rarely read cover to cover.  98% of Americans never get past the first chapter of a book. Life is just too busy.

Your booklet is the perfect solution.  It stands out because it’s easy to find, unlike an article, and it’s a quick and easy read, unlike a book.

Match Your Booklet To Your Niche

When you consider your unique experience and the fact that you are creating a booklet, those two facts alone will make your booklet stand out from all the other information in the marketplace that is available on your subject.  But, there is one more thing to consider and it has to do with your marketing.  That is – who is your intended audience?  Who is your particular niche?

You want your booklet to stand out for your particular niche.  If they know it’s for them, they’ll buy it. The title should grab their attention and the content should be just what they need.  If it isn’t, they’ll pass it by for something they feel is better suited to their needs or desires.

When you match your booklet to your audience it will automatically stand out as something they need to buy from you.

Making your booklet stand out is easy.  It is a booklet created by you, which makes it unique.  Now all you need to do is make sure that you match it to your particular audience, and you can’t help but have a best seller on your hands!

To your riches!


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