How A Booklet Grows Into A Thriving Business

If you’ve ever started working out, you know that you don’t start at the top.  You start slowly and build your endurance and stamina over a period of weeks.  You might be able to do five push-ups today, six tomorrow, and ten next week.  Nobody starts out with 100 push-ups on the first try.

Your booklet business is the same way.  You start with one small booklet and build from there.


The Beginning

For most booklet authors, their vision begins with a single idea for a booklet – an idea that they are so passionate about it keeps them awake at night.  This is an excellent starting point.  There is no need to look beyond that first project at this point.  What matters most at the start of the game is your enthusiasm to get in and play and do your best to WIN.


The Middle

Once your first booklet is finished and is selling, you may find yourself thinking of more booklets and other products you can create.  This is the next step in expanding your business.  You have been successful with your first booklet, and now you’re ready to progress to selling more.

You might expand your business by creating a second booklet that will cross-sell with the first one.  Now you have two products that compliment each other.  Or, you might offer your first booklet in another format, such as on a cd.  You might even create a complimentary product to go with your booklet, such as a short workbook.

Expanding your business doesn’t mean you have to get huge overnight.  It’s simply adding one more product at a time, whenever you are ready.


Continuing On

As your booklet business grows, so will your vision. You’ll see new possibilities of what your business can be.  Every time you reach a goal, you’ll have new ones waiting to be achieved.

You may decide to discontinue some of your older products that seem to have run their course, or you might instill them with some fresh material to update them.  And you will continue to create new products.

You may go beyond the material products in your business and venture into public speaking about your particular area of expertise – the subject of your booklets.

There is no end to your booklet business once you’ve got that first booklet completed and selling, unless you decide to quit.  Even then, it may be possible for you to quit in the lap of luxury and sell your business or pass it down to a younger family member who would like to take the reins.

There are so many possibilities waiting for you once you create that first booklet.  Why not get started today?

To your riches!


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