News Flash! You Are NOT Your Customer!

Does it seem impossible to you that anyone would want to buy thousands of copies of your booklet and pay you a large sum of money for them?  For many booklet authors this is the case, until they discover that they are not their customer.

Your Perspective Is Small

As individuals, we tend to have a narrow view of things.  We see things from our own, small perspective.  And, we tend to think everyone else is just like we are, whether they are another individual or a large corporation.

We think this way without giving it any effort at all.  It’s just the way we’re wired.  We’ve had a certain set of life experiences which has led us to conclude certain things about others.  It’s natural for us to think this way.

The problem is that others are not like us. Even twins have their differences.  You must train yourself to focus outside the narrow box you live in or you’ll never see the truth and you’ll never believe that your booklet or your business will do very well.

How Big Do You Want Your Paycheck To Be?

Your customer is a living, breathing human being who is NOT like you.  If your customer is a quantity buyer, he has far more money to make a purchase than you can imagine.  He may get a large personal paycheck, or a small one, but when he’s using the company’s money it doesn’t matter how big or small his own paycheck is. All that matters is how big your paycheck will be from the deal you create with him.

Your customer’s preferences will be different from yours, but that’s ok.  You can accommodate him and give him what he wants.  If he wants the cover to be orange instead of blue, no problem.  If he wants photos inside, great!  It may not be what you would have chosen, but remember – you are not your customer.

Be Flexible In Your Thinking

You need to be flexible in your thinking when it comes to making assumptions about your customer, or your market.  Markets change constantly – affected by the economy, trends, and other influences that are outside of your control.

Your own economy might be tight, and the overall economy might affect your customer, but if he’s paying with someone else’s money he’ll still have the funds to give you a big, fat payday.  He’s got more money to play with than you do.

You can’t judge your customers by your own lifestyle, income or preferences. Widen your perspective.  Look outside the box you’ve been living in and you’ll find that there is a whole other world out there that you never knew existed. And you’ll find that yes, there really are quantity buyers out there who will purchase thousands of copies of your booklet and pay you a large sum of money for them!

To your riches!


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