Photos And Artwork – Can They Really Make Up For Bad Writing?

As an author and business owner, I do a lot of reading online to keep up with current trends.  Recently, I came across an article that had the audacity to state that good photos or artwork can make up for bad writing.  This blatant ignorance is an affront to everything I stand for as an author, and if you were to follow such careless advice you would quickly find that your booklet would not sell.

Why Good Writing Is Crucial To Your Riches

Good writing is important whether you’re creating an advertisement, an article, a book or a booklet.  When your customers purchase from you, they are making an investment. They are willing to make that investment because they believe that your information is valuable to them.  If, after they invest in your booklet, they discover that isn’t the case, they won’t buy from you again.  Therefore, good writing is crucial to your sales and your riches.

What Makes Good Writing?

What makes your writing good?  Your writing is good when it appeals to your audience and gives them the information they desire. It should be professional, but it should also speak directly to your market in their language.

Think about why you buy the publications you do – especially non-fiction publications.  If you needed to know how to fix a flat tire, and you bought a booklet you believed would tell you how to do that, but after reading it you still had no clue how to fix a flat tire, you would feel that you wasted your money on that booklet and you would try to find the information somewhere else.  Your audience is the same way.

Artwork And Photos Are Just The Icing On The Cake

No amount of artwork or photos will ever replace bad writing, no matter how beautiful the artwork or photos are.  Websites are proof of this.  Have you ever been to a really beautiful website that didn’t tell you anything or give you and information?  Most of us have.  And what do we do when we get there?  We leave.

Photos and artwork are simply the icing on the cake.  Your writing is the substance. It’s why people will buy from you.  Make it good and keep them coming back for more!

To your riches!


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